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Britains governments are trying to return to a world that doesn ...

Britains governments are trying to return to a world that doesnt exist ... of the results: all three ombudsmen have produced results broadly in ...

2020-09-14 www.newstatesman.com


Investing in democracy how can we fund journalism in ...

But in a free-market system, the press is hard-pressed to remain free and fair. ... Reporters are great at finding fault in other companies and governments, but we ... Investigative journalism funds already exist, but I would like to see ... global companies should be funding newsrooms all over the world, not just ...

2020-09-14 www.thehindu.com


Justice A.P. Shah: Powerful Executive Has Sidelined All Institutions, This is How Democracy Dies

Coincidentally, this was also one day after the World Health ... These sentiments, sadly, do not seem to echo with counterparts in India, ... the blatantly destructive way that the Indira Gandhi government did in the past, ... The National Human Rights Commission is dormant and appears to exist only on paper.

2020-09-14 thewire.in


An Open Letter to the Government of South Africa on the Need ...

Taken together, the two systems are even better: the European system of ... to evaluate new uses involving technologies and practices that do not yet exist. ... EFF is proud to partner with NGOs in South Africa and around the world in ... no longer applies to all users and is, in principle, optional in general.

2020-09-14 www.eff.org


Can the world emerge from the pandemic a better place?

The pandemic has caused disruption around the world, but it could also be an ... Financial bailouts from national governments and the EU should also come with ... Many of the technologies and innovations already exist such as ... impact on societal development, improving opportunities for all, rather than ...

2020-09-14 horizon-magazine.eu


Canadas embarrassing governor general should resign and no one should replace her

... the topic of abolishment is raised after all, the governor general is supposed ... Here, the offices track record is just as thin as on the ceremonial front. ... the age in which Canadian self-government could exist only with a governors ... thats practiced in wildly different ways across the globe, in any case).

2020-09-14 www.washingtonpost.com


Coronavirus Australia live news: Victoria records highest daily death toll

I am completely over the buckpassing that exists in this system. ... This idea that they are just Victorians and the Victorian Government should carry it all is ... You only have to look at whats happening around the world and we ...

2020-09-14 www.abc.net.au


An agenda for the next Government

Not for the first time Jamaica finds itself in a very difficult situation. ... the volatile currents now sweeping the global economy, especially in the ... declaration in January 2017 that his Government is creating the right ... recreation sector is going to have to reinvent itself and exist in a new ... All Rights Reserved.

2020-09-14 www.jamaicaobserver.com


UFO videos: The best proof otherworldly visitors probably exist

UFO videos: The best proof otherworldly visitors probably exist ... Dept. of Defense that UFOs are real, UFO enthusiasts all over the world are ... UFO era has ushered in believers in alien life forms, despite the governments ...

2020-09-14 filmdaily.co


Four Reasons Why the NSCN(I-M) Released the Confidential Nagaland Framework Agreement

So why did the NSCN (I-M) break its promise to the Centre ... R.N. Ravi, had said that all important agreements on the peace deal were ... Its clear what the NSCNs motive is to strengthen its demand to the Modi government for the ... as it goes on to define the peaceful co-existence of two entities or two ...

2020-09-14 thewire.in

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