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What Did The German Ambassador To Athens Say To Anger So Many Greeks?

What did the German Ambassador to Athens say to anger so many ... European Union-members Greece and Cyprus, yet, the German ... In another story, he had 18 local maidens drowned because they refused to join his ...

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EU emergency summit on Belarus: Whats at stake?

The two member states had called for an emergency summit when EU ... On Monday, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and French ...

germany eu 2020-09-14 www.dw.com


Germany Allows Turkish Aggression Against Greece To Try ...

Many are questioning why the EU was so easily able to mobilize to condemn Belarus, a non-EU member, but after years of Turkey violating ...

germany eu 2020-09-14 greekcitytimes.com


European markets close higher after a day of choppy trade

The French CAC 40 finished around 0.3% higher, as did Germanys DAX. The U.K.s FTSE 100 rose to provisionally close 0.8% higher, while ...

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Frugal four fight to protect EU budget rebates

The EUs frugal four governments are battling to protect billions of euros in lucrative ... Before the recovery fund negotiations, France and the European Commission had led a push for all rebates to be ... Germany was the only one of the ...

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Spirit or reason? Muslim public intellectuals in the German ...

Muslim public intellectuals in the German and European far right ... At the same time, a significant number of born Muslims have joined the European far ... These contradictory narratives about Islam did not disappear after ...

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Its a New and Improved European Unionbut Only if Germany and the ECB Commit to Keeping It

On July 21, after protracted labor, the European Union announced the ... Olaf Scholz had become the leading German proponent of European ...

germany eu 2020-09-14 foreignpolicy.com


Report: 24 EU states complain to Trump administration about US sanctions - Business Insider

24 EU countries reportedly vented their frustration with US sanctions to ... 764-mile gas pipe line being built between Russia and Germany. ... to Politico that EU member states had conducted outreach to the US ... Join here.

germany eu 2020-09-14 www.businessinsider.com


Hard road back to power for Germanys Social Democrats

With Angela Merkel in her 15th year as chancellor, guiding Germanys six-month spell in the EUs rotating presidency and enjoying 70 percent ...

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US Europe Couples Survive 5 Month Travel Ban: German Call For EU Action

Since Germany took to the helm of the EUs main decision-making body on July 1, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has been promising to see the ...

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