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What happens if we run out of storm names in the Atlantic?

What happens when we run out of storm names? In a rare season in which more than 21 storms are strong enough to earn names, the National ...

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GOP candidates stump at Marriott

Right now with our partnership with Ector County, we run out of ambulances on a weekly basis. That means you call an ambulance, you may ...

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Kanye Wests Perplexing Run as a Potential 2020 Election Spoiler

That's you and I, the way we look at time, said Mr. Boyd, who was with Mr. West in South Carolina. Kanye doesn't look at time like that, Mr.

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Local running shop receives portion of donations from ...

I've had people that have been my customers for years that are like, no offense but until that's done we're not coming in, Cook said. How do you ...

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Why third parties should stop running candidates for president

But we should ask why the Green Party, or any other third party, runs presidential candidates at all. You can understand why they do: It's a way to ...

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Meet the two candidates running for Post 5 on the Houston County Commission

Q: Why are you running for this position? Byrd: I care about the people that live here in Houston County and very simply that would be the reason I ...

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Rodgers Shoots Holes into Stacked Boxes

I thought we were running it pretty efficiently, so we're going to ... When you have a quarterback that's the caliber of Aaron Rodgers, that gives ...

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N.F.L. Week 2 Predictions: Our Picks Against the Spread

If we are lucky, chaos will reign and we will still be searching for ... last week, it was the high-volume running game that people came to expect ...

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Chicago Bears Q&.A with Brad Biggs

Do you see any improvement in the run blocking yet in the Bears' 2020 ... Matt Nagy had to view his running game as a positive development ...

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Can you pause your watch during a virtual race?

While we can see compelling arguments on either side, we're ... In order to make virtual running equitable, runners should try to play fair.

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