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Islamic State: British child rescued from Syria, foreign secretary says

The UK has rescued a British child from Syria as part of efforts to return ... As I have said previously, we assess each case carefully. ... Often children have been repeatedly displaced as fighting escalates across the country.

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British child rescued from Syria, Dominic Raab announces

In a statement issued by the Foreign Office, Mr Raab added: 'We will ... Mr Raab last year told MPs that children rescued from the fighting in ...

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Abandoned British child caught up in Islamic State conflict ...

Pleased we have been able to bring home a British child from Syria. ... to family members in the UK after their parents were killed fighting for Isil.

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Is Hezbollah heading for an early exit from Syria?

... proxy Hezbollah and Israel have been engaged in a shadow war in Syria. Could we be seeing the former retreating from an open conflict?

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The Russian Way of War in Syria: The Road to War, Political ...

In this discussion we will examine how Russia is fighting in Syria from strategic level down to the level of military operations and what this ...

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Targeted Abuse of Civilians on Rise by Syrias Warring Parties

While fighting among the armed groups is dwindling, their aggression ... Across government-held areas, we documented 45 cases of enforced ...

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Will nine years of war and deteriorating governance spark a ...

Syria has become 'theirs,' which is something we cannot accept. However, theirs now refers to war profiteers and the notorious Syrian ...

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Turkish-backed militia rape and torture Kurds | World

Turkish-backed militias fighting the Assad regime in Syria are ... Whilst we can't say Turkey is in charge of them and issues orders and has ...

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U.S. Troops Injured in Syria After Collision With Russian Vehicles

U.S. Troops Injured in Syria After Collision With Russian Vehicles ... Security Council, said that Russia may have political reasons to pick a fight now. ... I don't think we're going to be in Syria forever, General McKenzie said.

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U.S. Troops in Syria Stuck Fighting 'Forgotten War' for Oil as Russia Advances Around Them

'We don't have a strategy.' The frustrations come as the U.S. nears an election in which both candidates vow to end the 'endless wars' waged by ...

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