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On Call: Praying for Sleep

I have just finished a 12-day stretch of working every day, mostly in the clinic where I ... I am exhausted, a heavy feeling in my bones and muscles and a ... in family medicine did I start to lie awake at night, replaying clinical decisions, ... to the stress of an 80-hour workweek and snapped too loudly at my kids.

2020-09-14 www.easthamptonstar.com


Anderson Cooper Says His 3-Month-Old Son Wyatt Sleeps 12 Hours a Night

Anderson Cooper Says His 3-Month-Old Son Wyatt Sleeps 12 Hours a Night ... fantastic sleep schedule saying Wyatt sleeps for 12 hours a night all ... Im not sure what shes done, but Im told theres no Ambien or whiskey involved. ... be awake whenever his son rises as it is the greatest moment of his day.

2020-09-14 news.amomama.com


Jessica Cash leaving after 14 years at morning host of WFLS in Fredericksburg

She told me earlier this week that shes simply tired and needs to finally step away. ... Cash, who came to WFLS after nearly 12 years at one of the ... fresh and awake she always lookedand I saw her at 9 a.m., hours after her ...

2020-09-14 fredericksburg.com


Find your perfect fit at Best Mattress, and get great sleep ...

... George area for the past 12 years, the sleep specialists at Best Mattress are committed to ... Many people will say they have heard that eight hours of sleep is the magic ... Do you love that cool other side of the pillow feeling ... Youre not alone if you lie awake night after night frustrated and staring at the ...

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Hurry, hes dying: A chaplains journal chronicles a pandemics private wounds

It was April 2020, barely a month after the first coronavirus case ... Ruiz pecked out dozens of pages, one finger at a time, over six months of what were often 12-hour days. ... On a cool March morning, Ruiz rose as usual before 6 a.m. in his ... Careful not to awake his wife of 25 years, Denise, he fed his dogs, ...

2020-09-14 www.courier-journal.com


Lyft Driver Arrested After Alleged Sexual Assault Of Passenger ...

A Lyft driver was arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting a passenger while she was sleeping, officials said. On June 12, an adult female reported that she had been sexually ... KHTS FM 98.1 and AM 1220 is Santa Claritas only local radio station ... Im pretty sure the driver was awake during his assault.

2020-09-14 www.hometownstation.com


People in Toronto are fed up with constant late-night ...

But I must say, your video was completely awesome. ... Construction taking place mostly 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. This is ... that the noise is impacting their sleep, mental health, children and more all the while. ... distressed by being jolted awake every morning and being unable to fall asleep at night ...

2020-09-14 www.blogto.com


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Finally, a great smartwatch from ...

It comes out of the field with a wonderful sleep monitoring app. ... REM, deep, and while youre awake it additionally provides you a useful sleep rating, ... direct rival, the Apple Watch Collection 5, solely has an 18-hour battery life. ... Whereas it is a Qi-compatible, I am instructed by different Galaxy house ...

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MIN 4, MIL 3: Kenta Maeda Carries No-No Into 9th Inning ...

The table was then set for Maeda to break the record, which he did with ease, ... He struck out 12 batters for just the fourth time in his MLB career, allowed just one ... However, after a Twins challenge, the call was overturned, and Rosario was ruled safe. ... Lasted thru 11 when I could no longer stay awake.

2020-09-14 twinsdaily.com


Apple Watch sleep tracking in watchOS7 made me a believer heres why

Is getting 7 hours of sleep each night with the Apple Watch a modest goal or motivational game ... After testing it out with watchOS 7 on my Apple Watch Series 5, ... meaning at 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. my Apple Watch and iPhone give me a ... early and once because a thunderstorm rumbled both of us awake.

2020-09-14 www.tomsguide.com

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