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Missed your period? Heres 8 possible reasons why (aside from being pregnant)

These methods dont necessarily mean you wont bleed at all while you are taking them. some people will still experience irregular bleeding or ...

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Yaa Gyasi: New Fiction, When My Mother Came to Stay

I was her bleeding heart, not a bleeding heart. ... My mother found out that she had been randomly selected for permanent residency in America ...

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My arms swell up so much doctors have to cut them open to relieve my agony but people abuse me for s

A YOUNG woman who has to have her arms and legs cut open to relieve her ... of hours doctor and he said I might be internal bleeding and told her to call an ... The swelling may happen randomly, or it may be triggered by: an ...

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What Causes Bleeding During Sex &. What To Do About It

If you have an IUD, the string can irritate your cervix during sex and, yes, cause bleeding. Youre on your period, just ended it, or are about to start ...

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Blood clots leave clinicians with clues about Covid-19 but ...

Patients will be randomly assigned to receive the drug or a placebo. the trial will also test different dosing. We really need the data to prove or ...

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Period stopping and starting: Causes and when to see a doctor

If an egg is not fertilized, the endometrium sheds away. The menstrual blood and tissue then pass through the cervix and out of the vagina.

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Preventing dangerous blood clots from COVID-19 is proving tricky

Participants will be randomly split into two groups. One will receive a low dose of an anticoagulant, one normally used to prevent a clot from ...

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Common Cancer Symptoms in Men and Women

Unusual bleeding. Cancer can make blood show up where it shouldnt be. Blood in your poop is a symptom of colon or rectal cancer. And tumors ...

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Giving blood thinners to severely ill Covid-19 patients is ...

The patients were not randomly assigned to treatment or no ... One unknown: Did patients have an underlying cause for blood clots, such as the ...

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Covid-19 Attacks Blood Vessels, Creates Strange Clots

People with severe Covid-19 have an off-the-charts elevated blood ... chronicled the autopsies of 11 randomly selected Covid-19 patients.

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