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Scarred by My Own Hands

I wore gloves to bed to avoid scratching myself in my sleep. I tried to keep my ... Did I literally let teasing get under my skin Self-injury such as ...

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Little Scratch drops readers into the reality of a distressed mind

She is hung over, her previous days clothes strewn about the floor. ... instead of this lurching this crawling back to sleep ... in less time, if youre going to make me tear away so soon I better get my pounds worth). ... It started out with a kiss / to anger people who are already How did it end up like this / angry!

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This year will never be the good ol days

Its no secret that yours truly went clawing and scratching into that age bracket a ... And again, speaking for myself, the occasional how did I get here ... or a song from The Beatles Revolver album bouncing around my noodle: ... a Zoom meeting in the dead of night and try to bore each other back to sleep.

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East Bay pets of the week for Aug. 21

As I get older and put on a little weight Im going to be one dashing ... months sleeping in a bus until we trapped him (and his siblings) and now ...

waking up with scratches 2020-09-14 www.eastbaytimes.com


Girl, 6, gets bad rash from Rhode Island ocean

Itchy bumps formed all over her body her mom said she has whats believed to be called ... Every time I try to go to sleep, I couldnt stop scratching, said Avaleigh. ... eruption, which could be caused by jellyfish larvae commonly known as sea lice. ... Some people get a bad rash, others dont feel it..

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Devon local says seal hitched a ride on his paddle board for FOUR hours

He explained: I was out with my mum and it was her first go at ... I had a go at getting him off and he got closer and his whiskers were tickling my back ... and stayed in a deep sleep on his board - while occasionally stretching and yawning ... do like to play and they can nip or scratch, so I kept my distance.

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Selling stretchy pants, driving for Uber: Without minor league ...

Bauer mustve been scratching his head, wondering why a Mets player ... WHEN I FOUND OUT that my wife, Kaci, and I were having twins in ...

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You can always use some company

I rolled over dismissing the feeling, but sleep failed to return. The room ... Customarily he sleeps in his crate downstairs, so something had him up. It wasnt a ... After five minutes, I looped the leash on his collar, deciding a walk might get him to pee. ... Or could it be that Ollie is displaying his concern for us

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Security boss petrified after eerie ghost bride seen stalking building site

... left many scratching their heads over whether it is genuine or a hoax. ... I have no idea what it could have been but I didnt sleep the rest of the night. ... To me it looks like shes wearing a wedding dress like shes waiting to get married. ... She wrote: So my dads building site in Birmingham has a CCTV ...

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Nobody can stop you from speaking freely! Star Trek ...

Now she discovers that her crew is all building in time to goof off, ... of slackersinstitutes a rule that all tasks must be performed in a timely ... Hes actually very smart, likes to read, and also has been trying and failing to get his society to ... but the shows conceit that the junior officers on the Cerritos sleep in ...

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