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Is It Hypocrisy To Ask For A Period Leave? Women Take on Zomatos Polarising New Policy

when you really wanted to say on my period, terrible cramps need a heating ... In the long run, we shall get into hiring bias, lesser pay, slower promotions etc. ... go into space, want no exceptionalism and want period leave.

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Zomato Draws Praise for Introducing Period Leave for Employees

How many days a month have you missed work or requested a day off for stomach pains and cramps because of menstruation This is the ...

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Period leaves is really about giving women the freedom to choose

No, I would have waited for a man to mansplain periods to me in my 20s. ... about women getting time off from work due to menstrual cramps.

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Zomatos 10 paid leave for period a good move for Gender Equality?

There is no denying that women face discrimination and are forced to ... Period leave can be a blessing for them as they get what they deserve.

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Meet the people who have period leave

However, in the future, if I do get cramps or cant bear the discomfort, I will ... of the existing casual or sick leave, it has been called First Day of Period. ... the lockdown when we had no help, or heating the water bottles for her.

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Swimming On Your Period: The Complete Guide

No matter if youre swimming in an ocean or a pool, swimming on your ... team that choreographed a water ballet inspired by periods and get in the water. ... has shown that swimming can actually help reduce period cramps!

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Dramatic Times Create Change For A Healer - Q&.A With Me Fuimanono-Poe

... then for cramps during my period, and in the late 90s I converted to Rastafarianism. ... When I started having severe back pain from Spina Bifida Occulta, ... No longer will we struggle for a system that has kept us and the ...

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Getting to know the four phases of your menstrual cycle

Here we will look at the four phases of the menstrual cycle, what ... You may experience cramps which also make you want to spend the day in bed. ... to produce progesterone and levels of FSH and LH drop as theyre no ...

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Adults may not be the only Covid long haulers. Some kids still have symptoms, months after falling ill

Parents whose children have been battling symptoms as diverse as fatigue, breathlessness, chest pains, diarrhea and Covid toes for weeks say ...

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Ulcerative Colitis Diagnosis: 8 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

After receiving an ulcerative colitis diagnosis, youll probably (and ... or periods where they have symptoms, followed by periods of remission. ... Symptoms can include bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps and pain, ... Theres no need for them to get preemptive testing just because you have the condition.

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