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4 ways your period messes with your toilet habits

... menstruate can experience bloating and cramping around their time of the month, ... Experts believe its all to do with the hormone progesterone, which is ... healthy women in Canada before and during their period, abdominal pain ... drop and you begin your period, theres a lot of extra fluid to get rid of.

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Period leaves is really about giving women the freedom to choose

The nausea, headaches, and cramps are so severe that it is impossible to get out of bed. ... However, when I see people rail against period leaves, Im not surprised. ... (PMS), that starts a week before the menstruation descends upon me. ... about women getting time off from work due to menstrual cramps.

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Is Zomatos paid leaves for period a good move for Gender Equality?

Period leaves have been a topic of discussion for more than a week ... for them to losing on big projects, or not getting an equal opportunity

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For Years, My Period Wreaked Havoc on My Life, but I Want You to Know Theres Hope

Its hard to believe there was a time when I couldnt wait to get my first period. ... The day before I started my period, I was more emotional than normal. ... All hell would break loose the two weeks before my period, and Id become a ... Once Id get my period, I would sometimes have cramps so debilitating ...

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PMDD causes me agony for two weeks a month, now Im terrified my painkillers will be taken away

I had had a particularly bad bout of nausea, cramps and backache for ... For two weeks leading up to my period I cant even get up out of bed ...

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Why you might be cramping a week before your period from pregnancy to a UTI - Insider

Cramping a week before your period is usually not a symptom of PMS. ... Those random cramps could even be an early sign of pregnancy. ... severe pain, or pain at an unusual time, you probably should get it checked out.

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Some companies are finally starting to recognize that women ...

When my mother was a teenager working in a textile factory in Spain, the week she had her period was spent with her hair dirty and covered with wool strands. ... cramps are very painful for many women and we have to support them in ... women look disabled and can make it difficult for them to get a job.

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Michael Abrahams | Need for empathy for womens issues | Commentary

Last week, my attention was directed to an interesting letter to the editor of ... A uterus that had, in the significant majority of cases, been menstruating before we were ... hygiene and how women manage their periods and menstrual cycles. ... breast tenderness and pelvic cramps, followed by an onslaught of ...

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A mother haunted by flashbacks reveals ... Miscarriage really can give women like me PTSD

The cramps that always herald the onset of menstruation brought with them ... Most had been through an early miscarriage before 12 weeks, while the ... Having arrived at our 12-week scan with our then one-year-old son, we ...

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Supreme Court Decision on Birth Control Is a Threat to ...

Before I started taking birth control, my periods were miserable. ... One or two weeks before each period, I would find myself crying ... deal with PMS symptoms like cramping, breast tenderness, food cravings, ... When she tried to get off contraceptives in her early twenties, she immediately felt unlike herself.

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Holistic PMS Treatments to Try During That Time of the Month

Cramps, bloating, mood swings its nearing that time of the month. ... phase of the menstrual cycletypically a week prior to menses (the bleeding ... Calcium: Calcium levels are shown to dip in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle (just before a period), says ... Do Air-Purifying Plants *Actually* Work

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Its Time We Ditch Over the Counter Period Care and Embrace the Power of CBD

In my own family, I was able to see how different getting your period could be, ... access to health information, but this is a luxury that most people do not have. ... has been scientifically shown to reduce PMS symptoms and cramping. ... you are more likely to stay consistent in the weeks and months to come.

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Connecticut schools will reopen soon. Heres what to know about how coronavirus affects young children and t

With Connecticut public schools set to reopen in the coming weeks, debate ... Its clear, they say, that children can contract the virus and can get sick and ... to get as sick, or die as frequently, from the coronavirus as older adults do. ... with COVID-19, representing about 6% of the states cases in that period.

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Infertility Was Distressing. The Military Made It Even More Complicated.

The period of my life when I assumed pregnancy could be planned ended only ... I didnt know it at the time, but getting pregnant would soon consume all of our ... We were leaving for my brother-in-laws wedding in a few weeks, so we ... I started cramping and bleeding heavily the night before we left and ...

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