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Triad students, parents, and teachers deal with technical issues on the first day of school

My new freshman couldnt get in and her page said access denied. ... out automated messages to let families know the state server was down.

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Race Conditions Can Exist in Go

While running the server locally, with a single user accessing it, you should not ... state, one worker should gain access to it acquiring mutexs lock (Lock()). ... Workers will be perpetually denied access to the shared resource, ...

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Microsoft Delivers Patches for 120 Flaws with August Security ...

Also in the mix are SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics, NET Framework, ASP. ... have a second patch installed to avoid an issue where devices get denied access. ... The vulnerability apparently lets a third party get access to an ...

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How to Resolve the Sea of Thieves Lavenderbeard Error Code

Well, right now, were going to make sure we get you fixed up, ... crops up as a result of the game being denied internet connectivity. If that doesnt resolve your problem, you may have a proxy server set up or you could be using a VPN. ... the game beyond the simple issue of firewall or antivirus suite access.

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Third-party leak or server hack? Intel breach stings either way

The anonymous hacker said he found the breached server using a scanning tool and ... Once inside a folder, root access was then possible. However, Intel in a statement denied that there was a hack and instead suspects ...

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Chinese loan app Moneed leaked over 350 mn India users data from server in China

It was stored on a server in China, even though the companys founder, ... The app takes access to users contact lists, and uploads the same to its servers. ... He denied that the data belonged to Moneed at first, and said the ...

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How We Found Shady Trump Donor Imaad Zuberi Before the ...

Wed been investigating Trumps inauguration in an attempt to try to ... the ways in which individuals used their wealth to not only gain access to ... how to ensure that copies of his emails were not stored on a server, according to the filing. ... When we published the story he denied ever talking and speaking ...

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Marvels Avengers beta start times: Everything you need to know about dates, pre-load, and content

As if getting an entire character (Spider-Man) all to themselves wasnt ... grant beta access, but those made at retail require a code that must be ...

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VPN server credentials compromised. Interpol reports on ...

The US National Security Agency has released an advisory on the risks ... (DoS) attack on a server or get full-fledged remote shell access. ... Pilot app (DroneDJ) DJI has denied claims by a tech firm that its Android Pilot app ...

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Apples Fortnite feud and Microsoft xCloud ban have put the future of iPhone gaming in jeopardy

Epic countered Apples removal with an antitrust lawsuit, prepared well in ... its growth and greed having turned it into the very suit-clad enemy it railed ... and network connection as mere conduits for a cloud gaming server instead. ... but was denied, because the app contained access to a platform that lets ...

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