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Kamala Harris salutes her unsung Indian mother for her...

... woman her India born mother who helped her attain these dizzy heights. That I am here tonight is a testament to the dedication of generations ... she were here tonight but I know shes looking down on me from above.

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Sheriffs Report, August 20, 2020

August 11 12:31 a.m. A caller reported a tree down in the ... a.m. The Grays River ambulance aided a Deep River resident who was dizzy ... The driver said he was tired and was looking for a place to sleep for a few hours.

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Photos: COVID-19 Survivors Journal Symptoms and After Effects

I am dizzy, disoriented and exhausted and have lost an extreme ... Still have to lie down for a while after I shower, and my energy levels are junk. ... I pray Im not permanently disabled, but its sure looking that way right now.

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The Many Symptoms of Covid-19

In other cases, the symptoms are so unusual strange leg pain, a rash or dizziness that patients ... Down to her calf she said, Ouch, that really hurts, said Dr. Metzl, who grew worried. ... What is school going to look like in September ... I hit the wall like you do in a marathon on a very short run for me.

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Long after a Covid-19 infection, mental and neurological ...

More troubling were the persistent dizziness, muscle weakness, and tremors in his ... Its sort of like youre trying to put out the fire and then a little bit later, you go look at the nervous system as the embers, ... What I am concerned about is long-term effects, obviously in the people ... Nobody locked down.

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We wanted to challenge ourselves: Dizzy on their sophomore sensation The Sun and Her Scorch | Gigwise

Canadian whizz kids Dizzy first hit our radar back in 2018 with their gorgeous ... is sort of the standpoint of, I am an adult now and Im still growing up, Im ... And yeah, it was kind of like, no, the countrys locking down, you need to get home now. ... GW: What does the rest of the summer look like for you guys

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Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom - OneZero

Youll have to do the research yourself and bring it to us if you want a better offer. ... five years ago she had turned down a marriage proposal from him, and now ... He said they could look at the prisms they had that had been activated in the ...

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Carson City man suspected of being under influence of ...

The driver of one of the victim vehicles advised they felt dizzy and nauseous but declined medical treatment. ... The man then advised that after the crash he left the scene looking for a better ... The states unemployment rate is 14% this month, down 1.2 ... The advisory is in effect until 11 a.m. Thursday.

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A Carpet of Bodies: One Womans Ordeal in Detention in ...

... to sit, not to mention lie down, while depriving them of food, drinking water, and medical aid. ... neck and dragged me into this regular looking yellow bus parked nearby. ... At around 4 a.m. the guards called out Katya and one of her cell ... Just after 5 a.m., the police led the women to the gate and literally ...

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Iowa storm updates: Latest on power outages, cleanup in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City areas, Aug. 12

In Johnson County, 3,256 of 9,827 Alliant customers do not have power. ... a tree or cut it down, they should look for vertical cracks in the trunk or large ... If you feel sick, dizzy or weak while using a generator, get fresh air right ...

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