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Missed your period? Heres 8 possible reasons why (aside from being pregnant)

Even if youve not had sex in the last nine months and it literally would ... irregular bleeding or a normal period if you are on the combined pill.

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Why pregnant women face special risks from COVID-19

If Im infected, will the virus damage my baby ... making sure not to create any antifetal immune response, says Akiko Iwasaki, an immunologist at the Yale School of Medicine. ... Finally, pregnant womens blood has an increased tendency to clot, ... Many diseases are unmasked in the postpartum period.

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Im a COVID-19 long-hauler and an epidemiologist heres how it feels when symptoms last for months

More than four months later, the symptoms have not gone away. My heart still races even though I am resting. I cannot stay in the sun for long periods. it zaps all of my energy. I have ... It is possible COVID-19 is neurotoxic and is one of the first illnesses capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. This might ...

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Elon Musk: The Maureen Dowd Interview

So how do the King of Mars, his Galactic Princess and their newborn son ... Flesh Without Blood, in which Grimes dresses as a rococo basilisk. ... there was a period from end of 2017 to about, I guess, the middle of last year, that was excruciating. ... Im not that concerned about my DMs being made public.

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I Have a Vaccine Injury And Im Ready for Another

In the summer of 2015, I returned stateside after accompanying my wife on her ... Like many viral infections for which we do not yet have vaccines, dengue ... and then come in regularly over months for blood draws and observations. ... especially in the period of grotesque governmental negligence in which ...

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Im a Covid long-hauler. Even after testing negative, I suffered for months

Im a Covid long-hauler. ... My heart still races even though I am resting. I cannot stay in the sun for long periods. it zaps all of my energy. ... My test was negative and I had no fever, so my symptoms did not fit into early descriptions ... and is one of the first illnesses capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier.

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A Week In Forest Hills, NY, On A $88,000 Salary

... hard-earned money during a seven-day period and were tracking every last dollar. ... Im fairly conservative with my money and dont ever let my savings drop below $5,000 ... The doc first wants me to get a blood test to check things. ... We meet in front of a restaurant, hes not wearing a mask (I am, we ...

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Im Waiting To Have More Kids Because Of COVID-19 | BabyGaga

Here I am with an independent toddler who demands all of my attention ... When Shuri was 16 months old, I was concerned about her not being as ... I knew I was wasnt pregnant but because I am still nursing, I dont have normal periods. ... I had preeclampsia with soaring high blood pressure and alarming ...

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No One Has to Get Their Period Anymore

Im not sure I want to have a period again. For Nik ... I know my body is healthy when it bleeds every month, one ... Am I losing bone density

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Three New Cases Reported Today, August 13

i know i am getting really afraid. it is really scary. im so glad there is So much ... I have been following this line based on my family in South Dakota that I ... Hospitals have cruised with no fear after the first month of their experiment. ... the relative increase during early COVID-19 period was substantially ...

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