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East Hartford Rep. Jeff Currey, in search of his own kidney transplant, makes plea for more donors

Jeff Currey, in search of his own kidney transplant, makes plea for more donors ... on his birthday on July 30 that doctors had discovered his kidney failure and ... So being the happy-go-lucky, upbeat dude that I normally am, ...

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College puts restrictions on kidney doctors practice

A kidney specialist locked in a lengthy feud with Windsor Regional ... with the name of the doctor or renal program the patient was referred to.

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Mineral Independent

I was really tired all the time and thought I was just being lazy. ... In fact, Valentines creatinine level indicated acute renal failure. ... It was helpful that I am a doctor in that I had an understanding of what would be ahead..

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Unisa Radio presenter ill, needs funds for major op

A tumour was found in her left kidney and removed. I have ... The pain persisted, and she eventually insisted on being referred to a hospital. It was in ... An operation was done and doctors found she had internal bleeding.

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Who is to be blamed for death on Manipal hospitals doorstep?

It carried out a media address at 11:30 am on Wednesday, led by Dr. Mingma ... The general stand is also that of 2 COVID-19 positive cases being ... From where he was referred to STNM/CRH for further evaluation and management. ... as it was an elaborate investigation, blood test, Kidney Function Test, ...

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Work visas: foreign doctors in the US have more than covid-19 ...

Because their visas are tied to their jobs, the fears of being deported if ... the six other kidney specialists covering his five county area was sick ...

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The Many Symptoms of Covid-19

Some of the common symptoms a dry cough, a headache can start so ... you are, said Dr. Mark A. Perazella, a kidney specialist and professor of ... not natural to think of a respiratory virus being responsible for sore toes.

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Cardiac electrophysiologist performs heart surgery | Newport

Dr. Devi Nair, Electrophysiologist, is achieving feats, by being the first in the ... He ended up in the ER because of a blood clot in his kidney from being in Afib. ... Dr. Hill explained that when it comes to heart functions, I am a ...

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Iowa City man spends 152 days in fight against COVID-19 ...

But, when they returned to Iowa City, Neil started to feel sick and was diagnosed ... took him to the hospital, called me and said his kidneys have almost shut down. ... Dad had a team of 26 nurses and doctors when he was in ICU at the ... it works before being licensed, a major breach of scientific protocol.

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Study to ID brain neurons that control metabolism

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - A new federally funded study could reveal the ... Healths National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. ... brain that the animal is not eating enough protein, Dr. Morrison said.

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