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Prominent figures react to the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, including Joe Biden

As the Governor of Wisconsin, his duty should be to collect all the ... "Although the video that is publicly available at this time provides a ... "I am horrified, sickened and angry over the police shooting of Jacob Blake last night.

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Junctions to close on Birds Hill Road in Poole

She said: "We still have to do school runs and live at 100 miles per hour, I am so angry. "Come September we all have to do things differently.

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“Renault Guys Must Feel Like Complete Sh*t”- Daniel Ricciardo Opens up on His Anger Management

"Renault Guys Must Feel Like Complete Sh*t"- Daniel Ricciardo ... played a big part in McLarens desire to sign him, but thats not all. ... However, among those outbursts of anger, Ricciardo can keep ... This ability to strive for success but at the same time not begrudge the team is what McLaren were after.

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Man Hid Extreme Wealth From Fiancee for 4 Years While She ...

I pay all the bills and provide for us both. ... And the first time he did mention it was when they were engaged, because now he wants to protect ...

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On pain, dying and suffering

The doctors felt that his life could be sustained only by inserting a catheter in ... Every time he is taken away from me into the ICU, he comes back after a ... Angry. I can tell. Angry with me for deserting him. It would be at least a ...

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Tourism can support Maori women but at this time of crisis ...

OPINION: I am a Maori woman, and I work in tourism. Thats suddenly become a lot rarer because of Covid-19 and I am angry about it.

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Christchurch mosque terror attack sentencing: Mother tells ...

Every time anyone talks to me about the shooting I become upset and ... behaviour - at times I am extremely angry and other times I am very, ...

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Sentencing of mosque gunman Brenton Tarrant: Survivor - I ...

He cant sleep properly, he gets angry easily and doesnt got outside often because hes too scared. ... I am crying all the time for him… I went ...

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Erin Molans passionate plea for rethink on online trolling fight, call for jail time

Molan said that trolls should face the prospect of jail time. ... This is about young people, this is about every Australian having the right to feel ...

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Fact check: Trumps baseless claim of ‘deep state at FDA

She said: "I am angry because it was his administration who almost ... Every time they deliver a package, they probably lose three or four ...

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Michelle Obama turned the angry Black woman trope upside down

I winced every time that happened because she is a friend and because I, too, am a Black woman who runs the risk of being saddled with that ...

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Ask Amy: Im angry that the hostess didnt tell me who this man was

I am still angry with the hostess for leaving us floundering as to who was at the party. ... Dear Amy: I read several advice columns every day. ... these plans with them, so there is less shock and confusion when the time comes.

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Opinion | Charles Burdick: Beyond angry over COVID-19

Angry is not a strong enough word, but I am lost for another word that ... Its all those that they make contact with who have their rights infringed upon. ... He also spends time making false statements, contrary to the medical ...

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Im angry at everything during this pandemic especially school

I am angry nearly all of the time. Angry at the federal government that has botched our countrys COVID-19 response. Angry at my fellow ...

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Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer: Im ready to do an action movie something Tom Cruise-y!

Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer: Im ready to do an action movie something Tom Cruise-y! ... I am with you and I am angry. ... Its hard to do by yourself and for yourself all the time it really requires that interchange of ...

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Daniel Levy and Ramy Youssef on Pushing Past Their Inner Critics and Crafting Comedic Weddings

I want to tap into that anger because I hadnt seen that shade on me, but I was like ... Not to spend this time gushing about your work, but its just really special. ... And so I do tend to try to all of my rhythms and all of my things as ...

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Kellogg on power outages: Theyre angry. I get it. Im angry too

Were on the phone all the time. ... were working on the backbone, the large transition lines, and I say, what am I going to tell my residents

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Angry townspeople in Skibbereen demand answers after Storm Ellen swamps properties and businesses

Angry townspeople in Skibbereen demand answers after Storm Ellen swamps ... We all rushed out to reception only to see the water gushing in, Louise recalled. ... The county council turned up at 12.45[am] with crates of sandbags, but ... Had there been access to it in time, the floodwater would not have ...

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Arwa Damon: The question haunting me this World ...

I am angry at the trajectory of our evolution as a species. I am angry ... Building something takes time, destruction takes seconds. ... We can build and work towards a future where World Humanitarian Day celebrates all of us.

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Fernando Tatis Jr. vs. the Unwritten Rule

San Diego was leading 10-3 in the eighth inning at the time of the homer. ... It is so absurd, I am angry on Tatis behalf. ... The short answer is because baseball has certain quirks and caveats, all of which get thrown in with all ...

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