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Anterior or Posterior, It's All the Same for THR?

An anterior or posterior approach to total hip replacement works equally well, ... according to whether they had received an anterior or a posterior incision (69 in ...

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No Difference in Outcomes Between Anterior and Posterior Surgical Approaches for Outpatient Total Hip Replacement

Anterior and posterior approaches are the two most common incision locations for performing a hip replacement. Both are located mostly on the ...

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Health Matters 8/21: Cartilage Restoration Restores Joint Function and Prevents Future Arthritis

One of the most common knee injuries among athletes is an anterior ... one surgery and is typically done through a minimally invasive incision.

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Innovative Total Hip Replacement Surgery Means Speedier Recovery, Smaller Scar

(CBS4) More than 300,000 total hip replacements are performed ... He developed a new technique with 5 other surgeons called anterior ... But, in this approach, the small incision is 'bikini' type within the skinfold of the hip.

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HSS researchers examine 138 total hip patients: 'Incision ...

The anterior and posterior incision approaches to total hip replacement deliver equivalent outcomes, according to a study of patients treated at ...

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The direct anterior hip approach option for hip replacement patients

In a traditional hip replacement, the surgeon must make an eight- to 10-inch incision to open the hip for the surgery to take place. With the ...

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Jeffrey C. Davis, MD, an Orthopaedic Surgeon with Andrews Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Center

He has an interest in minimizing exposures for joint replacement and ... He has training in anterior hip approaches, along with limited incision ...

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New robotic knee replacement technology debuts at Abrazo ...

James Chow, MD, a hip and knee specialist at Abrazo Scottsdale ... an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)-preserving total knee replacement an ... techniques that use smaller incisions than traditional open surgery and adds ...

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An Easier Approach to Hip Replacement

Because there's a smaller incision, less pain, and fewer movement restrictions, anterior hip replacement patients start rehab earlier and return ...

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Swedish Medical Center, One of First Hospitals in the Nation to Offer Innovative Hip Replacement Surgical Technique

The portal assisted total hip arthroplasty approach is a minimally invasive, ... the surgeon to use a smaller incision placed in an area of the hip that ... to 15 per cent of patients with traditional anterior hip replacement surgery.

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