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California reports first human plague case in 5 years

A number of factors may play a role in when and where cases of plague pop up, including the behavior of people or rodents, as well as weather ...

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Is 2020 the worst year for civilisation? Here's what historians say

Between 1347 and 1352, a bubonic plague that originated from Central ... And once again, a plague that rose in the East did away with about a ...

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Black Death origin: Where did the Bubonic plague originate? Was it in China?

Black Death origin: Where did the Bubonic plague originate? Was it in China? BLACK DEATH fears reignited again this month after cases ...

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How an Anglo-Gujarati newspaper kept publishing through the Bombay plague and into the 1980s

The month of July 1896 did not seem very different from any of the preceding ... The first wave of the plague began to ebb from April 1897 and, ...

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From leprosy to COVID-19, how stigma makes it harder to fight ...

Nineteenth century crosses to ward off bubonic plague are sprinkled around ... In India, where the disease is thought to have originated, ancient Hindu ... Avoiding people with infectious diseases probably did help ancient ...

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COLUMN: The challenges of connecting through technology | Columnists

My computer did not have one. ... my computer screen filled with 10 faces as we virtually reunite for the first time since this horrid plague began.

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A history of the plague in China, from ancient times to Mao -- and now

That was how people hundreds of years ago described the Black Death, which began sweeping across Europe in the 14th century, killing up to ...

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Skeletons provide tell-tale glimpses into past mass infections ...

How did individuals and entire societies modify behaviors to protect ... Some diseases never affect the skeleton at all, including plague and viral ... Once people began to live with newly domesticated animals, they were ...

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Virtual Vacation: Explore Munich, Zugspitze and more from home

Of course, Munich's boisterous Oktoberfest, which originated in 1810 as a wedding celebration for ... Did we mention it's fast? ... end of a terrible plague which killed nearly half the city's population, Munich's barrel makers filled ...

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Land of the free, home of the self-centered

It was still relatively early in a plague that the world assumed would be over ... The notion of unalienable rights originated in Athens, in the third ...

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