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The Mandela Effect shows up in what we believe about the ...

Seven deadly sins? Paul tells the Romans church, For the wages of sin is death, letting us know that any and all sin pulls us away from God and ...

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Seven Deadly Sins, One Presidential Election

One tool Paul and other biblical writers employed to help Christians fend off ... The seven deadly sinswrath, sloth, pride, envy, greed, gluttony, ...

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Seven Deadly Sins of Obaseki

Though not biblical, the Seven Deadly Sins are theological and are believed to be the precursors for other sins and further immoral behaviours.

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Hart: Falwell's foibles

... education swaying kids' thinking, the seven deadly sins are viewed as ... that older people read the Bible three times more than millennials.

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The 7 deadly sins of pandemic

The Bible speaks of sin in many metaphors fire, worm, poison, refuse but among its most vivid is the picture of evil as a predatory beast.

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A Very Sinful Recap of Lucifer Season 5

In the biblical sense. Our Mojo and Spoiler Alert: Pride. It's fitting that pride is the sin most associated with Satan. In these final two ...

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Does the Bible really say that?

The next one is called, The seven deadly sins and we can agree that sin is deadly, but this particular list is not found in the Bible. The list of ...

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What to Make of the Enneagram - Dr. James Emery White ...

If I had to give the Bible's headline, it would be, Apart from knowing who ... Ages as the seven deadly sins, with seven corresponding virtues.

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Where Did the 7 Deadly Sins Come From?

The traditional seven deadly sinsas portrayed in Dante's Inferno and ... After all, the seven deadly sins aren't even mentioned in the Bible.

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The Seven Deadly Pandemic Sins

The Seven Deadly Pandemic Sins. We are seeing some bad behaviour of biblical proportions. An illustrated essay. Dorothy Woodend 24 Apr ...

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