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Crusader battlefield where Richard the Lionheart defeated Muslims is unearthed in Israel

Both the Crusaders and the Muslims were hoping for a decisive result, with one side losing so badly that the war would have a clear winner, ...

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Remembering St. Bernard: Theologian of love | Edwin ...

They were the second major reform movement in the Benedictine order, ... For Bernard, as for many other advocates of the Crusades, war ...

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We Build the Wall fundraiser has several Arizona connections

Several well-known Arizonans were part of We Build the Wall, including former Diamondbacks pitcher Curt Schilling, along with Angel parents ...

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National Radio Day, August 20: A Look Back at the Early Days ...

At the time, great crusades in the mold of D. L. Moody and Billy Sunday, with dynamic preachers swaying vast crowds, were considered the ...

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The crusaders were not such incompetent zealots after all

Were the crusaders little more than incompetent zealots Against this charge, Steve Tibble throws down the gauntlet. The author of previous ...

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Medieval robots? They were just one of this Muslim inventors creations

Led by Europes elite, the Crusades were documented in great detail by the leaders of the church as well as the people who fought them.

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Eye on Jerusalem?

... Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, better known as Saladin the Great, expelled the Crusaders from Jerusalem. More than seven centuries were ...

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Study Identifies Site Where Crusader King Richard the ...

Richards Crusaders had conquered the port of Acre and were marching south to Muslim-held Jaffa when they met Saladins men, inflicting ...

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Cathars: The Medieval Progressives

Were the Cathars ever truly destroyed Or did they just adapt, and become invisible The remains of Montsegur Castle, France. On March 16, ...

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UAE has a change of heart

As I read about this development, four memories were revived: an autumn ... outpost which would be extinguished as the Crusades had been.

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The Sad Tale Of The Hagia Sophia The Manila Times

In those days, there were few direct flights to Kazakhstan, and I had to make two connections in Dubai and Istanbul. The few hours I had to spend ...

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Israeli archaeologist identifies battlefield where Crusaders defeated Saladin

We did find only a handful of artifacts and this is related to the extremely bad preservation of the battlefield, he says. I was very surprised we ...

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Hagia Sophia! The Last Crusade has been stopped. History is over for those who say, Turkeys oppression started in 1453 - IBRAHIM KARAGUL

It represents a globalizing power today as it did 567 years ago. Upon the conquest of Istanbul, Hagia Sophias conversion into a mosque and the ...

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Men from the Land of Amber: The Shocking History of the ...

Known to all and feared by many, the Curonians were famed for their prowess in battle, strong warrior culture, and an infamous reputation of ...

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