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The CJN goes one-on-one with Howard Bender

The Apollos Fire had been turning to a new orchestral business model already, meaning we had many performances that were completely ...

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Video of Apollo HS Senior Reeling in 51lb Catfish Going Viral

The first two days we had it all figured out and was positive we could get Braden in to fish often and early. The Day Prior to Bradens arrival we ...

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Surprising Objects That Have Been to SpaceSome to the Moonand Back

I can remember when Alan Bean from Apollo 12 put this hammer into ... To him, they were pieces of wisdom from Earth that would remain up ...

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Cleveland Cinemas reopens Cedar Lee and Chagrin ...

We also, while we were closed, did a curbside concessions program for ... And right now we arent opening up the Apollo Theater in Oberlin or ...

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Donna Zakowska Gives Midge the Theatricality She Needs for the Road in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Thousands of costumes were created for everyone in the hotels and ... When we got to The Apollo, I had done the sketch of the dress and then I ...

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NBA Star Kemba Walker Danced at Legendary Apollo Theater, Never Booed

They cant boo young kids. We were like 10 years old. We cant find footage of Kemba dancing at the Apollo but he did break out of his shy shell ...

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RTHS gridders to play Lincoln in crossover game

In order to fill this void, we had discussions with the Apollo Conference who has seven schools, so they were in the same boat with bye weeks ...

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The Relentless Moon imagines a lunar base with Apollo-era technology

Weve been thinking about putting a base on the moon since the 50s and 60s, theyve had varying degrees of planning. The challenge was to ...

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I found them for NASA! Moon landing scientist makes confession over Apollo 11 photos

Moon landing scientist makes confession over Apollo 11 photos ... preparing to go to the Moon and they had landed three spacecrafts already.

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Big Cats Vs. The GOAT: Tiger King, Michael Jordan-Fueled The Last Dance Tip Off At Emmys

We were certainly fascinated by it, Chaiklin recalls. ... The Apollo goes up against not one but two Netflix documentariesthe aforementioned ...

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Apollo joins forces with Illini Prairie for spring football

We were lifting and running and following all of the protocol, said Johnson. When the IHSA come out with some new guidelines two weeks ...

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HBOs Emmy-Nominated Documentaries Accentuate Brilliance Watch

In 1934, when the Apollo opened its doors and Ella Fitzgerald won the first Amateur Night, there were riots and the shooting of unarmed Black ...

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Apollo-Soyuz Mission: When the Space Race Ended

We were a little of a spark or a foot in the door that started better communications. For decades, the space race had seen the two superpowers ...

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Center sets Guinness record with rocket launch | News

4 that the center had reached their initial $1.5 million fundraising goal to ... for the official stamp from Guinness but we felt confident we had set record. ... With the original Apollo launch time of 9:32 a.m. EST, the rocket center ...

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U.S. Marine Thinks His Dog Was Stolen At Middletowns Ideal Beach

Everyone at the beach was just infatuated by Apollo, petting him, talking to him. It was about 7:30, 7:45 and we were packing up to leave ...

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Trump and Miss Moscow: Report Examines Possible Compromises in Russia Trips

Mr. Black is a founder of the private equity firm Apollo Global ... The committee interviewed the two colleagues who said they did not recall ...

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