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Ann Syrdal, Who Helped Give Computers a Female Voice, Dies at 74

Ann Syrdal, a psychologist and computer science researcher who helped ... The first recordings were made with six women, and when AT&.Ts ...

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Covington Connect: Monday is first drawing for $2.5M digital equity project. donations sought

Covington Connect: Monday is first drawing for $2.5M digital equity project. donations sought ... families of Covington schoolchildren to receive free computers, the first round ... Tax-deductible donations can be made HERE.

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Larry Magid: Apples bumpy path to becoming $2 trillion company

I was blown away when I learned Apple had become the first ... at least one iteration of every product Apple has ever made, although I also use competing products such as the HP computer Im using to write this column.

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GitHub CTO Jason Warner Got His First Job At IBM Because He Could Lift Heavy Things

The chief technology officer of GitHub didnt have a computer in high ... And one of the first decisions I made when I came into GitHub in this ...

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QCI Introduces Simplified Cloud Access and Software ...

QCI is the first company with a quantum software development and execution ... While traditional computers process and store the on-and-off ... events, and as such all forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the ...

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First day of school in Broward County

At home, in pods, in the workplace: A historic first day of school for Browards kids ... but Broward families made the best of the first day of the new school year ... 5, had trouble sitting still in front of the computer on Wednesday.

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Masked and mingling, Minnesota Democrats celebrate Joe ...

I was a whip for Hillary we kept the Hillary delegates in line and made sure they ... Youre sitting there on the other side of a computer or watching it on ... Earlier in the week, first-time delegate Elise Eckert, 20, expressed ...

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William English, Who Helped Build the Computer Mouse, Dies at 91

Mr. English made this a reality, building the first computer mouse and, through a series of tests, showing that it could navigate a screen faster ...

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The Golden Age of computer user groups

(Heres a Tufts computer group sometime in the mid to late 1970. ... Two things primarily made user groups disappear: first was the ...

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I Tried Microsofts Flight Simulator. The Earth Never Seemed So Real.

... the first-person view of a GPS navigator, and the blistering crimsons and ... not exist other than in our minds, as the virus has made so tragically obvious. ... But now, computers can give us something different a view of the ...

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IBM Researcher Frances Allen Made Computers Run Faster

Her first task was to learn what was then a new computer language, Fortran, and teach it to other researchers. That led her into what she later ...

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UofL program provides students with new computers to meet ...

This the first time weve been able to anticipate technology needs, said Provost Beth Boehm. Springs swift pivot to remote learning made it ...

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Cerebras 1.2 Trillion Chip Integrated with LLNLs Lassen ...

... scientists and physicists to leverage the large investments in AI being made by ... LLNL said the Lassen upgrade marks the first time the lab has an HPC ... the worlds first computer system designed for cognitive simulation ...

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Computer Search Settles 90-Year-Old Math Problem

By translating Kellers conjecture into a computer-friendly search for a ... a new generation of mathematicians found the first counterexample to ... in an intelligent way, then youve made the problem much easier, said Hales.

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North Carolina virtual learning platform crashes minutes into first day of school

Today is the first day in quite an unusual year, Kelly said. ... @CharMeckSchools Some of the students have had to use phones or other computers. ... However, Winston made a promise to parents for day two of the school ...

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Technology has made my life worth living: Artist paints with her eyes

Technology has made my life worth living: Artist paints with her eyes ... of her eyes and specialized technology that relays those movements to a computer. ... She describes her first five years living with ALS as a bleak ...

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Digital Diagnostics acquires AI company 3Derm Systems

AI company that got first-of-its-kind FDA device approval makes ... But in 2018, very little was ready in the healthcare system for a computer making a ... standard of care and liability concerns that made many healthcare ...

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