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A history of US military aircraft from WWI to today

Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the worlds first airplane operated by a motor and, in 1903, the brothers successfully took flight in their aircraft. It is no surprise ...

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The Surprising History of the Mile High Club

In 1914, an American pilot named Lawrence Sperry took flight to the next level when he invented autopilot. Long flights become easier and pilots ...

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From Autogiros to Jets: The 25 Most Important Business ...

Here are 25 of the most important business aircraft in the last century, ... but an entrepreneur who invented the eight-track music player, car ...

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How Border Control Technology Could Ease the Spread of ...

And travel authorization as a product is something that was invented 20 ... If someone with a health risk gets on the airplane, they might already ...

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#killQWERTY: How Plano-Based CharaChorder Is Creating a ...

Keyboards were invented for something that did not even run on electricity, ... virtually or in spacious areas, like in a mentors airplane hangar.

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Colin Whyte and his flying machine

Whyte, himself an amateur pilot, was intrigued by this little plane, and ... Thurston had invented an amphibious plane called the Thurston Teal, ...

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Nigerian lady wows social media with her simulated airplane restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is a replica of an airplane and customers ... that a young Nigerian man identified as Tosin Arogundade invented a ...

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No. 524: Space dogs, electric cars and the miracle of Tito Velasquez you want fries with that?

... to the injurious existence of the weightwatcher, Brooklyn inventor Gail ... you knew he and big brother Wilbur invented the airplane, but did ...

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From SpaceX To George Washington: How Our First President Welcomed Balloon Flight And Predicted Air Travel

Many trace the beginning of this tradition to the Wright Brothers flight at ... been invented in France a decade earlier and could transport human ...

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Oldest person in the US celebrates 115th (or 116th) birthday

In 1904, the year she was born, women couldnt vote. airplane was invented a year earlier. TV was 23 years away from reality.

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Today in High Prairie - August 19, 2020 |

1851 Charles E. Hires, Inventor of Hires Root Beer. 1871 Orville Wright, Built 1st Airplane. 1878 Manuel L. Quezon, 2nd President of ...

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During Campaigns, Printers Fail to Exploit the Strengths of ...

Once upon a time in the olden days, before Al Gore invented the ... One stunt was an airplane towing a Flamboyant banner that flew over the ...

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Plane-disinfecting invention takes off after COVID-19 hits

Orthopedic surgeon Arthur Kreitenberg, right, invented the plane-disinfecting device he named the GermFalcon, and his son Elliot helped get it ...

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PHOTOS: Wright Brothers Day

Orville and his brother, Wilbur Wright, invented the first airplane in ... 17, 2002, the 99th anniversary of the 1903 flight at nearby Kitty Hawk.

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Meet Lucean Headen: Barnstormer, Inventor, and Pioneering ...

His first invention (developed in 1910 while working as a railroad porter in Jersey City) was for a device to keep an aircraft stable while ...

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