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A few easy steps can save water and save you money

Many of us rely on automatic sprinkler systems to keep our lawns looking their best. Automatic sprinklers are convenient because you can just set ...

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Watering the lawn? Check your address, date, time

One-month grace period for new sod and seed. Water-use bylaw is in effect all year round. Outdoor activities such as watering lawns and gardens ...

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Wyoming water treatment supervisors issue reminder about sprinkling ban

WYOMING, MI -- Supervisors with the Wyoming Water Treatment Plant are reminding residents in 13 communities not to water lawns during a ...

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Garden Notes: Dry gardening

... instead of baths. and forgoing wanton watering of lawns and gardens. Save gray water in buckets and dishpans for gardening purposes.

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Local Residents Suddenly Banned From Watering Lawn ...

No filling or topping off of pools. No refilling of fountains or decorative ponds. No water use for irrigation, lawn watering, or other outdoor use ...

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Healthy Lawns and Healthy Waters helps Texans save ...

Watering lawns, other best management practices. Efficient lawn irrigation is also key, she said. Ensuring efficiency starts with doing annual ...

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Glenwood Springs seeks increased compliance with water ...

The city implemented an alternating lawn-watering schedule Saturday, but usage was nearly back to normal on Sunday and Monday. We haven ...

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Watering 101 for Late Summer Lawns and Gardens

Watering is key to keeping lawns and summer blooms healthy for the rest of the growing season. Here are some pro tips for when, where and ...

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When and how much to water lawns, trees, plants

A good rule of thumb is to take a tuna fish can, which is about an inch deep, place it on the lawn while you are watering. When the can is full the ...

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Watering Your Lawn and Garden Is All About Timing

If youre like me and youre not a horticulturist or an expert gardener, you may not know the best practices when it comes to watering your lawn ...

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Man rescued after being pinned by overturned lawn mower in ...

Officials say a 62-year-old Port Washington man was cutting the lawn in the park near the creek, and while close to the water the lawn mower ...

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Stage 4 water restrictions in effect in Whiskey Creek

Stage 4 Watering Restrictions includes a ban on outdoor lawn watering, washing vehicles, filling pools, and pressure washing. Your efforts to ...

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Brown lawn? Dont water it

If your lawn is green, keep watering it and doing what youve been doing, Brannigan says. In Maine, we have to grow cool season grasses so ...

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