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Garden checklist for the second week of August

Prune apricot, oleander, and olive trees now to avoid future disease problems. Fertilizing: Apply a complete fertilizer to warm season lawns such ...

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Neighbors want Norfolk to keep right-of-way trees off their homes

The tree pruning service request was made online Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 2:14 p.m. Due to the significant number of requests, tree pruning is on a ...

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Community news in brief | Local News | gainesvilleregister.com

... selection for trees. select the right pecan variety. lay out an orchard and establish trees. and select appropriate equipment needed to prune ...

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Preventing Apple Fruit Rots and Pruning Blossom-Blasted ...

If you have affected stone fruit trees, particularly sweet cherry and apricot trees, prune any cankers from trees now, while the weather is hot and ...

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Wellsville residents still split regarding Broadway pruning | News, Sports, Jobs

Speaking of trees, Dinch questioned some of the tree work being down in the Broadway neighborhood, where Murray relayed that trimmers ...

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Do not top large trees

This is sometimes called drop crotch pruning. The crotch is the point where two branches connect. A trained arborist can use these techniques ...

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The joy of summer tree pruning | Garden Notes

Many of the trees at the Blue Heron Orchard like this Melrose apple are pruned with an open framework, low enough for students to reach the fruit ...

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Family Claims They Cant Get Homeowners Insurance Because Of City Trees

The city said the trees are pruned properly, and if the insurance company needs them pruned further, they can apply for a permit to trim it ...

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Bacterial leaf scorch can torch landscape trees | Community

Pruning and reducing stress can prolong the life of infected trees. however, there are currently no methods to prevent or cure bacterial leaf scorch.

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Gearing up the garden for cool-season crops

Its also time to prune fruit trees, to remove bristling suckers and arrow-straight watershoots, thinning congested crops to promote plumper fruit.

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Council approves removing two trees, pruning one - By ...

Belfast City Council has decided to remove two city trees and prune another that has a cracked branch in front of a residents house.

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Garden Q&.A: How to control Japanese knotweed and prune a dogwood

Trees should only be pruned with good reason, thus minimizing the likelihood of opportunistic infection in the wounds created. Removing ...

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CAROL LINK ON GARDENING: Remain vigilant with climbing ivy

Q: I planted a couple of trees three years ago. When should I remove the lower limbs from the trees A: Wait until late winter to prune when the ...

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Prune is an Apple award-winning plant in your pocket, now $1 (Reg. $4)

Difficult to categorize, it is a love letter to trees surrounding the beauty and joy of cultivation, but players must avoid the dangers of a hostile ...

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Yard doc: How to prepare trees for hurricane season

Perform preventive maintenance, including correct pruning while the trees are young. This produces a tree that is less likely to fail. Prune about a ...

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