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Cultural connections: Plants embedded in our everyday lives

These issues plant blindness and lack of food origin awareness are ... from up north have asked if peonies or tulips grow well here or south ...

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The One Thing Even Gorgeous Gardens Might Be Missing

Succession planting in a scent garden. Photo by Houzz. The fragrance of peonies is intoxicating to be sure, but dont be tempted to sow a ...

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THE ADDICTED GARDENER: Peonies thrive through the good and the bad

Take care not to damage the roots and try to keep the fertilizer from the crown of the plant. The most troublesome disease peonies face is ...

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Neighbourhood stroll yields census of flowering plants

... flowering plants appear to be peonies, cranesbill (Geranium species), ... The annual bedding plant list is long and rather sometimes quixotic ...

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Plant of the Month: Peony

Peonys effectiveness as an ancient cure translated into a tool of statecraft in the eighteenth century. From Anna Maria Luisa de ...

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Dirty Fingernails: Peonies hate change and require patience when moved

Most garden peonies come from only two or three of those species. The other peony species are hard to grow or do not bloom willingly. All the ...

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University Of Minnesota Extension Offers Tips For Growing ...

The best time to plant peonies is in October or late fall. If they are planted too deep, they may not flower. Peonies need to be planted with the ...

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Gardening in French: How to grow your own Jardin Francais

Common flowers found in French gardens include irises, lilies, and peonies (the omnipresent favorite of French florists). All three can be ...

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The story behind Itohs priceless peonies | Community | sent ...

Sadly, Itoh passed away in 1956 before his plant flowered. In 1966 Louis Smirnow, a New York accountant and peony enthusiast, secured the ...

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Gardening: How to grow beautiful blooms for cutting

From spring bulbs such as narcissi, tulips and camassia, summer annuals and perennials including as peonies, astrantia, delphiniums and ...

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Cut flowers: artisan growers share their secrets | HeraldScotland

... summer annuals and perennials including as peonies, astrantia, ... I grow annuals in seed trays so that I can plant the seedlings straight out ...

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Ask the Master Gardener: Managing powdery mildew on ...

Although it is quite unsightly, it is rarely fatal to the plant. ... Perennials with fleshy roots such as peonies, Oriental poppy, and Siberian iris are ...

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If you really must try eating slugs, heres how to do it safely

Two question about the ability to grow peonies from seeds collected ... before winter here, so you can plant them indoors starting in October.

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A Redmond gardener finds peace, hope and focus in the life ...

The first thing I did was plant a vegetable garden. ... A planting of hydrangea, peony, rhododendron, bleeding heart, allium, ferns, clematis and ...

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