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Picking the right grass seed is key to building a healthy lawn

Choosing quality seed is one of the most important steps in successfully planting or overseeding your lawn, Upham said. If you dont know ...

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How to overseed a lawn

A few basic tools like a lawn mower, seed spreader, fertilizer spreader, and rake make up the basics needed for overseeding. With the right grass ...

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Plant lovers almanac: Late summer lawn care

Seeding/overseeding. This is a great time to overseed lawns to help renovate thin turf. The ideal time in Ohio to plant seed or overseed lawns is ...

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IN THE YARD: Nows the time to prepare for grass care in fall

Do not plan to overseed a treated area for at least eight weeks after using the herbicide as the seeds will not germinate very well. Also, do not ...

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Battling weeds and bare spots? September is the perfect time to help your lawn thrive

Overseeding is best accomplished by verticutting. A verticutter is a machine that is larger and heavier than a lawn mower. As the machine ...

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Time to start seeding fields, lawns | Lifestyles ...

... for lawn, hay or pasture use, there are much better options. Renovating is a little more involved than just overseeding to try to thicken a stand.

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Lawn rust and why your shoes are turning orange

To keep Kentucky bluegrass lawns rust free, overseed it with new varieties of Kentucky bluegrass that are more resistant to rust. Because lawn ...

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Grass should be green, not chartreuse | Local News

While we dont know the exact cause of the yellow lawns, there are several ... If you are overseeding a tall fescue lawn, use a blend of improved ...

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Ask a Master Gardener: Dont fertilize lawns in the heat of ...

Overseeding is also recommended in the fall to keep the lawn thick. With a thicker lawn, less moisture is lost, and fewer weeds can grow.

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How To: Overseed a Lawn For a Lush, Green Yard

Overseeding improves the condition of your lawn by choking out weeds and clover and filling in bare spots STEP 1: Mow and rake the lawn. STEP 2: Amend the ...

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Take these steps to start your lawn the right way

Theyre thinking about overseeding lawns with ryegrass seed in September, and theyve seen that seed. Its 20 times larger than bermuda seed ...

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