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Star Eliza Scanlen and director Shannon Murphy on why ...

There are even online rankings of terminal romance movies. But the new Australian film Babyteeth, starring Sharp Objects actress Eliza Scanlen ...

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Early Childhood Dental Health Care Tips for Parents

However, some parents have a challenging time judging their kids ... When your babys tooth starts to come in, brush it with a soft-bristled ...

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The importance of socket preservation after tooth extraction

While there is a replacement for baby, or primary teeth, once a permanent tooth is lost, its gone forever. For this reason, dentists do all they can ...

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Williamsport boys near-death battle with COVID-19 | On The Pulse

He is smiling from ear-to-ear, the gaps between loose baby teeth on proud display. Although her mouth is covered by a mask, its easy to tell by ...

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What to do when your child has a loose tooth

Children begin to lose their baby teeth at about six years old. The first adult teeth that arrive are the molars, which erupt from the gums at the back ...

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When Do Baby Teeth Start Coming In? | BabyGaga

When Do Baby Teeth Start Coming In Here is what parents should know about when they can expect their childs teeth to come in, so that they ...

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Babyteeth: The teen film tackling cancer with humour

So much of her love story with Moses is physical. Family scene in Babyteeth Image copyright Picturehouse Image caption Millas parents are far ...

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Babyteeth review teen illness drama earns its emotional impact

Babyteeth is watchable and emotionally forthright, though it has a fairly picturesque idea of what dying from cancer in your teens looks like.

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Baby teething myths and facts: diarrhoea, unsettled, cranky, dribbling

What can I do for my babys teething Try to remember that teething is a normal process for all children. Some babies are more emotionally ...

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Essie Davis: I bawled my eyes out several times reading Babyteeth

While sick teenager stories are a dime a dozen, no film has approached the themes quite like Babyteeth. Its intoxicating in the way it immerses ...

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Box Office: Babyteeth chomps on grimly as wild old men duel ...

Bad Boy Russell Crowe is bankable while Mel Gibson flops as a famed art connoisseur. The young makers of Babyteeth know the future belongs ...

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Babyteeth (2020) Review - Magnetic Characters Anchor ...

Adapted from a play of the same name written by Rita Kalnejais, Babyteeth is a fragile, heart-breaking, oddly comical tale about finding the wrong ...

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Wendy Williams birthday tribute to son Kevin Jr baffles fans

I DO have all his teeth Im not a fan of cake, but today OKfor my ... and remarked that they had also kept their kids baby teeth and locks of ...

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Australian film Babyteeth stars Eliza Scanlen in bittersweet tale of first love soured by sickness

Amongst the mostly punchy dialogue, there are a few such lines that perhaps wouldve rung truer on the stage, where Babyteeth began its life ...

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