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6 Events That Laid the Groundwork for the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War (1955-1975) was fought between communist North Vietnam, ... Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnams independence from France on ... Other monks began to immolate themselves in what became known as the ...

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NEWPORT COUNTY BRIEFS: Battle of Rhode Island, Newport String Project, talent show

In August 1778, the Revolutionary War Battle of Rhode Island was fought at Butts Hill Fort, according to the press release. Butts Hill Fort is the ...

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We Cant Tell Kamala Harris Story Without the British Empire. We Cant Tell Americas Without It Either

The British shipped enslaved Africans to the Americas starting in the 17th century. ... the start, such as the Bengali woman Mary Emmons, who was Aaron Burrs ... saw much of the British empire, including South Asia, during World War II. ... in 1959, on the eve of Kenyas independence, to study economics.

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Revolutionary Italy: rise and fall of the factory occupations

Confindustria declared war on the council movement and began ... A revolutionary party was clearly needed to unite the fragmented and ...

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Spotlight: Annapolis author Laura Kamoies My Dear Hamilton novel brings Eliza Hamilitons story to life

Not much was previously known about Eliza Hamilton or her story as a ... in American society before the start of the Revolutionary War in 1775.

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Oswego County, community partners release final video in ...

Ironically, Oswego was the object of the last Continental Army campaign of the Revolutionary War, when Washington ordered Colonel ... in contact with hundreds of Oswego County businesses since the start of the pandemic.

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Stonestreet continued family legacy of service | Local

He initially planned to join the Navy but was told the service branch was ... back to the Revolutionary War, Stonestreet said, adding his dad was in the ... the people who began boot camp with Stonestreet did not graduate with ...

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The New Global Revolutionary is a Woman. Is She Ready to Shake Things Up?

Only in the last 70 years did men figure out how to achieve political change without violence. ... Thankfully, though, democratic politics is a war of leaders and ... When you start your day, remember that there are those making ...

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Iconic WWJ radio started as Detroit experiment: Celebrating 100 years of on-air broadcasts

Iconic WWJ radio started as Detroit experiment: Celebrating 100 years of ... a few words and a popular song that had survived World War I was played. ... This was revolutionary for ships at sea, but had nothing to do with what ...

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Fredericksburg Partners With UMW On Telling Civil Rights History

So much attention is paid to Civil War history and the Revolutionary ... thought the time was right to start putting the civil rights trail in motion.

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Hamilton: What The Musical Changes (&. Leaves Out) About The Real Lafayette

When the war ends and Act 2 begins, however, Lafayette disappears ... The French Revolution was messy, as Jefferson stated in Act 2 ... The choice was simple: one could be loyal to Britain or want to start a new country.

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Moderate Pitch for Biden Masks the Lefts Tightening Grip

... will not define the outer limits of their agenda, but the starting point. ... especially the baseless claim that the Revolutionary War was fought to ...

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Racist graffiti cleaned from memorial stone at Norths Mount Hope Cemetery

The iron door of a crypt at the nearby St. Marys Cemetery was also ... 50 years after the famed battle there at the start of the Revolutionary War.

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For Lebanon, the only way out is either revolution or reform

It has become clear, at least since the uprising that started in October 2019, ... Beirut, which was devastated by fifteen years of bloody civil war.

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The USPS is a crucial tool for democracy helping the left and the right organize

Madison was not alone in seeing the postal system as an essential foundation ... On the eve of the Revolutionary War, there were just 67 post offices, or four for ... Richard Viguerie, who got his start as a marketing professional, ...

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Why changes at the Postal Service worry voter advocates

... Second Continental Congress at the start of the Revolutionary War, ... to the Trump administration DeJoy was in charge of fundraising for ...

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