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Proposed Name Change Ignores History

Thus, our colony became a leader against slavery, enacting the first anti-slavery ... Our colony was founded on individual religious freedom and ...

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The Jamestown legacy: 401 years ago the first slaves arrived in a city that has now replaced notoriety with ho

Some 350 captive Africans were put aboard the San Juan Bautista, which was bound for Vera Cruz, the colony of New Spain in the Mexican ...

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What was the Fourth of July to the abolition movement in America? | News, Sports, Jobs

While Britain would end slavery faster than the United States ultimately did, it was religious leaders in the colonies who first began activism ...

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A historical reckoning for the global slave trade

Its a statement about slavery by American artist Kara Walker. ... away for Britain to start to acknowledge its racism in many different forms, said Andrews. ... the treatment of slaves in French colonies, was splattered in red paint.

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No Slavery in Australia? These Pacific Islanders Tell a Different Story

That story begins with the need for inexpensive labor in Britains colonies, which pushed Australia as close to abject bondage as was allowed ...

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Kamala Harriss dad was from Jamaica, where a fierce woman warrior once fought slavery

whose father was an immigrant from Jamaica and whose mother was an ... which ended slavery in many of the British colonies and freed more ...

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A very English theft: how the countryside was taken from the public, using profits from slavery

The Trust is integrating this colonial history into its online and on-site narratives, ... Slavery was not born of racism: rather, racism was the consequence of slavery. ... in England, December 23 1837 would be a good start.

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Letters: Systemic racism or systemic reconciliation?

During antiquity, free slave labor was an economic advantage in ... Portuguese/Spanish/French/British colonies used African slaves in ...

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In Colonial Bombay, Slavery Practiced by Both Indians and the British Administration

In the extensive holdings of records relating to colonial India at the British Library in ... Bombay was evidently the clearing house for slaves imported from Africa. ... Start as you may from Pydhonie right up to the end of what is notoriously known ...

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Speech and Slavery in the West Indies | by Fara Dabhoiwala

Slavery was foundational to Britains prosperity and rise to global power. ... the workforcelet alone increase it, as the colonists steadily did. ... near the coast, Thistlewood began to smell on the wind the awful odor of the dead ...

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Black Americans genes reflect the hardships and realities of slavery

The genes of 50,000 descendants of slaves reveal the effects of the ... Rice was really the most labor intensive crop produced in Colonial ...

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Switzerland and its colonists - SWI swissinfo.ch

However, the big money from the colonies did not go to the ... Swiss individuals and companies made money out of slavery as investors ... As a result, quite a few famous Swiss names have started to look bad in recent years.

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William Penn kept enslaved people. These are some of their ...

Slavery was not a popular practice in the colonial city though it ... Meanwhile, Pennsylvanians started to question whether the institution was ...

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Throne of Blood

Having only recently acknowledged their historical links to slavery and ... by the English monarchy began with Queen Elizabeth Is enthusiastic ... Faced with insolvency, the Royal Adventurers was dissolved in 1671 ... critics of the slave trade and colonial slavery were marginalized or dismissed as radicals.

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Alan Walter: Guilt is a root cause of U.S. Black racism

... forced into slavery in the American colonies, and exploited to labour in ... denial of basic freedoms was deemed necessary and permissible.

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