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1442 Hijri New Year: Tracing the Roots of the Islamic Calendar

The years name derives from the story, mentioned in the Quran, of ... Another suggestion for the beginning of the Islamic calendar was the year ...

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Joe Biden courts Islam, not Muslims

Biden did just that in a recent speech to a Million Muslim Votes ... not be wise to start there, and if a better outcome results from speaking first, ...

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Analysis | Why U.A.E. Struck a Deal With Israel and Why It ...

As soon as the normalization deal was revealed Aug. ... in pushing back against political Islam, which they view as a threat to hereditary rule ... It could be the start of a wave of normalizations, with Bahrain and Sudan likely to ...

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The Trailer: The Democratic Party on display this week

If they lose, the recriminations might start with a blink-and-miss-it ... most outside the state was the victory of Laura Loomer, an anti-Islam activist ...

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Was the derogatory post that triggered Bangalore riots a reaction to an anti Hindu post?

Murthys nephew Naveen had allegedly shared a post against Muhammed, the prophet of Islam, for which he was arrested. As many as 110 ...

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Pakistani Christian Couple Pressured to Convert to Islam to ...

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this business did not ... Later, the Muslim merchant pressured Masih and his wife to convert to Islam in order to clear the ... Now I can start [to] sew bed sheets and fix some clothes.

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Ataturk Was Islamophobic Statesman

... circulate in Egypt that Kemal might start a jihad to liberate Egypt from the British. ... In other words, the military was to be the elite class of the society. ... He had read Leone Caetanis Annali dellIslam in Turkish translation.

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Debate: Why Animal Sacrifice on Eid-ul-Zuha is an Indispensable Part of Islam

To begin with, let me straightaway clarify that this is not an attempt to ... Mecca, where Islam was born, thrived in the pre-Islamic period as an ...

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The Trailer: What mattered at the start of the Democratic convention

It was the start of convention week, remember, when the first batch of ... Democratic politicians, and her characterization of Islam as a cancer, ...

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Christians Miserable plight in Pakistan

I have read several books on the History of Pakistan starting from ... Traders and merchants were wary of Islam which was notably severe on ...

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Bangalore riots: Indias tech city sees deadly violence over anti-Islam Facebook post

Bangalore riots: Indias tech city sees deadly violence over anti-Islam ... whose nephew was allegedly responsible for the Facebook post.

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He Loved Muslims Because He Loved Jesus. The Bible Showed Him How.

From the start, Ricks faith was all about following Jesus, which he ... encounter Jesus as I did, just as Muslim friends want me to embrace Islam.

history of islam 2020-09-14 www.christianitytoday.com


Islam and Blasphemy

Kalimah (or, Kalma) in Islam is a significant aspect of ones religious belief. ... There did not come to them any messenger except that they used to ridicule ... For a start, lets ask some simple questions- Why Social Democratic ...

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Hard-hit halal tourism operators turn to technology for pandemic recovery

... halal tourism is geared towards Muslim families who abide by the rules of Islam. Before the pandemic, UK-based HalalBooking.com was the ... We did initially start charging people but we realised that not many people ...

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Portland Bible (or Bibles) was just kindling for fire, saith The New York Times (#SoThere)

You are, of course, not showing hostility to Islam. You just need some kindling to start a fire. It also helps to open the cover up so that the camera ...

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