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District 1 candidates voice opinions

I was appointed in 2017, so I am running to maintain my seat that Im currently ... Rich: I do not support Common Core. ... I think that a lot of us quit loving ourselves, and we need to learn how to start back loving ourselves.

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Some families switching to homeschool over mask requirements

The mom says common core curriculum is completely foreign to her. ... Just because I wont know what it looks like until we start, Wegner says ...

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HEARBUILDER Online Foundational Literacy Program Builds ...

... targeted tasks students can end a session and begin again as time allows. Is easily ... whiteboards. Complies with State and Common Core educational standards ... It was founded in 1986 by Sharon and Thomas Webber.

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Student activists want their schools to adopt an anti-racist education

Yet the Common Core appears to rely on classic, decades-old works ... According to the Atlantic, the AP art history course, which was revised in ...

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What New Orleans Common Ground Collective can teach us ...

Common Ground was created as a sort of trial by fire, in response to one of ... the essential core that made it a direct action project to begin with.

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Nearly a Year into PDPM, Therapy Rates Stable But Some ...

In the most recent CORE analysis, there was no significant difference ... and 2.5 times as likely to record depression a common diagnosis for elderly ... The states that were already used to it were able to get a head start on ...

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Trump, Biden battle for the soul of Scranton

... lived in the city until he was ten, its at the core of his oft-told backstory. ... About 23,000 more people cast ballots for him than they did for Mitt ... Outside Scranton, perspectives like Gales are more common. ... Both parties need to get together, start worrying about the people and not the party affiliation..

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Address Common Cores shortcomings, dont start from scratch

The Common Core State Standards, introduced in 2010, aimed to repair some of these problems. The hope was to create academic standards ...

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Marsha McLean | Back to school with help from the Santa ...

For students, the best place to start (with your library card number ... teaching lesson plans, student workbooks, Common Core Standards ...

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Amid Pandemic, Support Soars for Online Learning, Parent ...

We start with a summary of the surveys top findings. ... On five issuesCommon Core, charter schools, tax-credit-funded ... did support for increased public investment in education recover to match or exceed pre-crisis levels.

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The Rundown: Cubs Continue Whiffing Ways Despite Win ...

Including the playoffs, last nights two-run tater in the 4th inning was ... Cards postponements and Mills is coming off of his only subpar start of the season. ... According to baseballs common core math for this season, where ...

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Cuomos control is still front and center | News, Sports, Jobs

This state was ground zero from the start of the COVID-19, due in part ... that was much more complicated than the Common Core on their toes.

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High school students are demanding schools teach more Black history, include more Black authors

She like Amuri, like Ugbaja decided it was time for change. ... It starts with a racist joke, and not teaching kids about this in class, and it escalates. ... own requirements (although states that have adopted Common Core ...

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Documenting Americas Path to Recovery: August 17, 2020

Andrew Cuomo (D) announced gyms in the state can reopen starting Aug. ... All data comes from the Common Core of Data provided by the National Center ... After the plan was unveiled, Deb Henton, executive director of the ...

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Love, Hate, and fantasy football in the time of coronavirus

Jack was born with familial dysautonomia, and his parents were told he had ... known as FD crisis, and gets sweaty and starts retching and convulsing. ... This will be a common theme among many of the players listed here, but in ... Hes also playing with mostly the same core group, and Im excited to see ...

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Making an appearance with 2:00AM Wake Up Call

Id been planning to find more members and start gigging more seriously ... As coronavirus swept the country, Rutrough was driving through it. ... He got the chance to play a single open mic at Common Grounds before the shutdown. ... At the core, Rutrough hopes to engage emotional music as a means of ...

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DNC: Joe Bidens foreign policy, explained

Biden would also start combating the coronavirus right away. ... The US never did this out of the goodness of its heart. ... labeled coronavirus or China or climate change (take your pick) all have one common core: allies.

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