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Constitution is still supreme law of our land

The delegates to the convention recognized the dangers inherent in ... but the Constitution put in place 230 years ago remains this country's ...

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County Commissioners declare Sept. 17-23 National ...

As the annual celebration of the Constitution nears, Moffat County ... of the United States of America by the Constitutional Convention. ... 17-23 every year an observance of Constitution Week, according to the DAR's website.

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'We the people': Sept. 17-23 marks annual Constitution Week

17, a Thursday this year, on what is known as Constitution Day. ... Constitution, the product of the four-month-long Constitutional Convention.

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Voters will have six state amendments to decide

If a majority of voters vote 'no' for Amendment 1, the state constitution will ... changed only during a constitutional convention or when a majority ...

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Ron Colone: When ordinary people make history

17 Constitution Day in the state of Ohio Sept. 17 being the date the Constitution was signed, in 1787, at the Constitutional Convention in ...

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Will voters keep feeding the Constitution?

With each passing year and each wave of voter support for ... the Capitol was heavy about the value of another constitutional convention.

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Excerpts by Henry Lane Hull

That event culminated the Constitutional Convention's work that brought ... that a dozen years earlier had been colonies of the British Crown.

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Virtual events scheduled for Constitution Day will be open to ...

USC Aiken is turning to virtual events for Constitution Day this year due to the ... 17, honoring the day the Constitutional Convention signed and adopted the ...

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A more perfect Union | Guest Column | laramieboomerang.com

State governments spend about $1.5 trillion in a normal year, a third of ... call a new Constitutional Convention to propose amendments to limit ...

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It is time for Americans to reclaim their power

... by state representatives at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. ... When the founders wrote We the People in the Constitution's ...

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