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How Black women cleared a path for Harris to be the VP pick

... Asian American woman named to a major party presidential ticket. ... Bass, who was a newspaper publisher, ran through the Progressive ... But in recent years, Harris has supported more progressive criminal justice reform measures. Karissa Lewis, the Movement for Black Lives national field director, ...

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Sanders Urges Progressives to Keep Agenda Alive with Vote for Biden

Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during the first night of the Democratic National ... the top of the Democratic ticket were dashed this spring, when Sanders call for ... who support social reform policies intended to help working Americans, ... that he made the case to his movement that many of the issues that he ...

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Lillian Wald, Pioneer of NYCs Social Reform Movement ...

... her former bedroom, backyard, and dining room where some of the most important meetings of the progressive movement and early civil rights movement took ...

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How racial issues will define the 2020 presidential election

With the things that were talking about, especially when you get to ... and reentry, this is the most progressive platform weve ever had as a party, ... The movement, propelled by Black Lives Matter organizers, has made ... as gun violence surges in major urban cities during the coronavirus pandemic.

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A look through history at womens suffrage

The woman suffrage movement began in 1848, when a womens ... During those days, married women could not own property nor sign ... reform legislation. however, many politicians were unwilling to listen. ... This victory is considered the most significant achievement of women in the Progressive Era.

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The empowering story of how Dayton was at the forefront of womens suffrage movement

They were at the forefront of a major movement, said Nancy ... There was a political climate of reform and innovation. So there was a very strong, progressive, enlightened value system promoted by our civic leaders..

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Bernie Sanders Goes on Attack Against Trump and Urges Support for Biden

... assailed President Trump, warning that he is leading America down the path ... for president argued that the progressive movement he has led for the past ... that he had been mistreated during a contentious primary by biased party ... the eligibility age for Medicare and several criminal justice reforms.

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Each of us must be a hero to our communities: From a wheelchair, Ady Barkan speaks out for Biden

Even during this terrible crisis, Donald Trump and Republican politicians are ... While Barkan interviewed many of the major Democratic candidates during the ... if he had concerns about Bidens opposition to broader health care reform. So I see my role, and the role of the progressive movement, as trying ...

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Why increased activism has not translated into global womens empowerment

India has hardly ever seen a purely women-driven movement where women ... leave, the clout of women in politics has effected progressive advancements. ... 25 years of non-passage of this major push for womens empowerment. ... This often meant that reforms were brought to the condition of women ...

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez symbolically nominated Bernie Sanders at the DNC. It was not a sudden endorsement.

Ocasio-Cortez called for ambitious progressive solutions to some of the countrys biggest problems. ... Ocasio-Cortezs remarks Tuesday evening were a symbolic ... Her speech Tuesday honored the mass peoples movement that ... speak less to overwhelming structural change than more modest reforms.

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