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World War II plane flies over Charlottesville

This is one of only five flying in the world out of 12,000 built for combat in World War II. Copyright 2020 WVIR. All rights reserved.

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Divers in SE Asia may have found U.S. submarine lost in ...

... a coda to a stirring but little-known tale from the Second World War. ... they have found the USS Grenadier, one of 52 American submarines ...

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Archaeology breakthrough: ?150million World War 1 shipwreck treasure discovery

ARCHAEOLOGISTS were thrilled when the remains of two World War 1 ships were found beneath the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean, ...

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10 Best World War 1 Soldiers In Battlefield 1, Ranked | TheGamer

Battlefield 1's campaign revolves around telling the stories of World War 1 soldiers - some fictional, some not. These are the best of them. By Rafly ...

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Drive-by birthday salute: World War II veteran and USS ...

Grass Valley's World War II hero and USS Arizona survivor, retired Lt. ... the USS Arizona when a Japanese armor-piercing bomb hit 1 million ...

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Search for World War II soldier who left name in Dutch cave ...

Mr. Hogan said many World War II veterans were members of the golf club. He said Mr. Thompson never talked about the military, but that was ...

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10 Best Games Based On World War I (According To Metacritic)

2 Battlefield 1 (Metascore: 89. User Score: 7.9). Regarded as one of the most inaccurate depictions of World War ...

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Highland husband and wife recall serving during World War II

The pair stayed in touch by writing letters to one another. Elwyn came home from the war 34 months later on Dec. 1, 1945, and began working at ...

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Manish Tewari accuses Centre of stonewalling discussion on China, appeals to opposition - Republic World

1/1 Extremely unfortunate NDA/ BJP Govt is stonewalling a discussion in ... During World War -1 &. 2 Most Parliaments in the world regularly.

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Survey finds 'shocking' lack of Holocaust knowledge among millennials and Gen Z

... concentration camps and ghettos were established during World War II, but nearly half of U.S. respondents could not name a single one.

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