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The metamorphosis of the sun god in ancient synagogues in Israel

As Roman religion was changing, so too was the religion of Judea. Following the destruction of Second Temple Judaism in the disastrous anti- ...

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The story of the 'queen of flowers'

... mentioning the Rosalia, the extravagant rose festival held annually in Rome. and the link with decadence also extended into Roman religion.

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Keep religion out of Turkey dispute, Germany says

Germany has urged right-wing EU politicians to keep religion out of ... times and we're not in the times of the [Holy] Roman Empire', he said on ...

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Raised by Wolves: Mithraism and Sol Explained

The Mithraic get their name from an ancient religious cult of the god ... by early Christians (the clue is in the name it's a Roman religion!)

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Trump's overtures struggle to register with religious voters

But so far, President Donald Trump's overtures to religious voters ... and Roman Catholics, some of the president's top religious allies are now ...

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Metro Detroit Catholic priest compared Black Lives Matter to 9/11 attackers in homily

The pastor of a Roman Catholic church in suburban Detroit is ... in the eyes of God regardless of their race, religion or sexuality,' McCabe said.

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Vatican causes chaos by invalidating baptism formula

The religion of Jesus is supposed to be forgiving. ... For centuries, the baptismal formula in the Roman Catholic Church has been: I baptize you ...

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90 Day Fiance: Andrei's Orthodox Christian Religion Explained

The Western part developed into the Roman-Catholic Church with the Patriarch of Rome, known as the Pope, while the Eastern Orthodox ...

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What roles did Catholics play in America's early history?

In him, the Maryland ethos regarding Roman Catholicism reached a point ... It is a superb introduction to how a global religion made itself in a ...

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The COVID crisis is about public health, not religious liberty

The COVID crisis is about public health, not religious liberty ... Augustine Nellary, Roman Catholic. and Rabbi Jared Saks, Reform Judaism.

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