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Vision 2020: What happens if the US election is contested?

The 12th Amendment says that in that case, the House of Representatives elects the president and the Senate elects the vice president.

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The 12th Amendment Trap - John Steele Gordon

Under the 12th Amendment, though, members of the House do not vote ... Republican National Convention, Turning Point USA founder Charlie ...

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Trump Could Use the Huge Number of Mailed and Absentee Votes to His Advantage. Here's Why Democrats Should Consider Voting Early in Person

Due to the 12th Amendment and the massive partisan divide on who is voting ... At that point, the election would get thrown to the House (like ...

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President Nancy Pelosi? It's Not Too Far Fetched

Another scenario just as unlikely could come from 12th amendment of the Constitution, Linken said, with the House of Representatives ...

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Column: Do Vice Presidents Make Good Presidents When It's ...

That unforeseen and contentious situation soon led to the passage of the 12th Amendment, creating the current arrangement whereby electors ...

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Harvard professor games the game on the fall presidential ...

Under the 12th Amendment, the states vote by delegations. ... So the question at this point is: Can state legislatures install their preferred ...

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If we dont dispel the falsehood of an election delay now, we risk chaos in November

But they agree with him on one point: There is likely to be a delay in ... The 12th Amendment and the accompanying Electoral Count Act of ...

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The Peoples ConstitutionThe Electoral College

.Next, the 12th Amendment provides: [t]he Electors shall meet in their ... A central purpose of the Electoral Collegewhen drafted in 1787 and ...

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The Decider

At that point, the 12th Amendment to the Constitution applies. It provides that if there is no electoral majority, the House of Representatives shall ...

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President Pelosi? How a contested election brawl could unfold on Capitol Hill

The 12th Amendment also says the person having the greatest number of votes for President shall be President. But Congress must agree to all ...

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