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Photos: 52 Years Since a Soviet Invasion Ended the Prague ...

In 1968, during a period called the Prague Spring, Alexander Dubcek, the newly elected leader of Czechoslovakia, enacted pro-democracy ...

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Paul Goble: Belarus protests recall the Prague Spring and ...

The protests in Belarus recall the Prague Spring in 1968 and Polish Solidarity in 1980 both in how they have transformed the consciousness of ...

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An Ordeal in Prague: The removal of a statue and what it ...

21, 1968 when Soviet tanks rolled over the Prague Spring soft communists ruled Czechoslovakia. Then it was time for the hard ...

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Jiri Menzel, Oscar-Winning Czech Director, Dies at 82

... an end to the Czech period of liberalization known as the Prague Spring, many of Mr. Menzel's contemporaries in filmmaking left the country.

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Jiri Menzel, film director who won an Oscar for Closely Observed Trains obituary

With Closely Observed Trains under his belt, and artistic repression thawing with the advent of the Prague Spring, Menzel started work on ...

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The Moody Blues and Shirley Temple Black witnessed the ...

The invasion brought a crashing halt to Prague Spring, a period of openness that attracted international musical acts, film stars, and other ...

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Ivo Zdarsky Is Waiting Out the End Times in His Own Utah Ghost Town

... and the year of this sweeping change became known as the Prague Spring. Understandably, the Soviet Union saw it as an existential threat.

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Jiri Menzel, Oscar-winning Czech director of Closely Watched Trains, dies at 82

The film was released at the height of the Prague Spring of 1968, when Czechoslovakians both Czechs and Slovaks took to the streets to ...

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Standing Up for Freedom . . .

Part of the delegation to Taiwan was the mayor of Prague, Zdenek Hrib. He had ... in 50th-anniversary commemorations of the Prague Spring.

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The Pandemic Was Supposed to Be Great for Strongmen. What Happened?

... friendly support reminds me of Czechoslovakia in 1968, when Soviet troops entered the Czech capital to scotch the popular Prague Spring.

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