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Activists claim fees, postage amount to modern-day poll taxes

... court ruled last week that prohibiting ex-felons with unpaid court fees and fines from voting does not constitute an unconstitutional poll tax.

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The 11th Circuit decision upholding Florida's felony disenfranchisement scheme is alarming.

Critics have called Florida's voter suppression law a poll tax, but that doesn't fully capture the perverse injustice of the measure. The state has ...

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LETTER OF THE DAY: Legislating for mass vaccinations will ...

... had to a civil war in this country since Thatcher's 1990s poll-tax riots. In the government's vaccination consultation that's still running as I write, ...

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Florida felon voting: appeals judges restore 'poll tax'

... justices on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the Floridian government over Floridian voters and reapplied the poll tax law.

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Prisoners denied the right to vote, a new form of poll tax WW commentary

Prisoners denied the right to vote, a new form of poll tax WW commentary. By Monica Moorehead posted on September 16, 2020. Voting in Lower Peach Tree, ...

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Ohio House Minority Leader Calls Denial Of Ballot Postage 'A ...

Things like not allowing for prepaid postage is akin to a poll tax. LaRose said he wanted to provide postage, in part, so voters would not delay ...

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Gov. DeSantis's Modern-Day Poll Tax and What It Means for ...

The 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution supposedly ended poll taxes for good. However, Gov. Ron DeSantis' signing of Senate Bill 7066, ...

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Trump and Biden's Florida polls highlights stakes of 2020 voting rights for ex-felons

... they can register, people convicted of felonies must pay outstanding court fines and fees, a practice critics decried as a modern-day poll tax.

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Modern-Day 'Poll Tax' Amendment In Florida Faces Court Battle Before Election

While some lawyers and judges have said SB 7066 is an unconstitutional 'poll tax' that unfairly disenfranchises poor people who have already ...

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Letter: The Poll Tax is Alive and Well

As I feel that voting is important, I paid the poll tax (in the form of Uber fares, nearly $34) to deliver my ballot to the nearest polling place.

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