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5 Latino-Led Labor Strikes That Championed Rights for American Workers

Latino workers' fight for protections and living wages has been an uphill one, ... The result: Even after the agricultural labor force shifted to largely Latino ... Mexican farm laborers banded together to defeat bosses who had long ... history that agriculture workers were not only successful in organizingbut in ...

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A New Look at Iran's Complicated Relationship with the Taliban

I responded that Iranians were not such simple-minded people that they ... In 1998, Iran nearly went to war with Afghanistan, then mostly under ... for the complete withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan, ... The Taliban insisted such an action could come only at the end of a process, not before.

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Hinojosa: All Texans should remember Dr. Hector P. Garcia

Hinojosa said Garcia was a legendary physician and World War II Veteran ... Only one Mexican American was allowed such admission in the state of Texas each year. ... Medal with six Bronze Stars and the World War II Victory Medal. ... veterans into a political force to ensure those benefits were provided.

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WATCH: In Florida, Biden criticizes Trump for remarks on veterans

And he attacked Trump for what he said were failed promises to veterans. ... the state and Democrats are strong in coastal cities, campaigns typically battle ... WATCH: Trump announces roadmap for the PREVENTS Task Force on ... key primary victories in Nevada and California, Biden has refused to adopt ...

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The 10 can't-miss fights for the rest of 2020

Why this fight matters: In an age when fights are over-marinated and ... 3 in the division by ESPN, and in recent years his only losses have been to Jorge Linares and ... Why this fight matters: In terms of legacy, for Garcia, I think a victory ... He's an overwhelming physical force inside the ring, he has good ...

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Joe Biden told us the election was a battle for the soul of the nation. He was right.

... the idea that only certain people are truly worthy of the American experience, that Black protesters aren't patriots and Mexican immigrants are ...

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Sunburn The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics ...

The videos were put together with help from the University of Florida Institute of ... Cross-country campaign swings on Air Force One. ... in age from their late 40s to early 60s are often the only age group that gives Trump the ... Brian Slodysko of The Associated Press Trump's massive campaign war chest ...

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Disneys many failed attempts to bring Don Quixote to the screen

Disney hasn't been the only party to wrestle with adapting Don Quixote to ... There have been many artists and filmmakers at Disney over the years ... The war effort and beyond ... for the U.S. armed forces, most notably for the Navy: shorts like The New Spirit in 1942 and Victory Through Air Power in 1943.

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Americans might love Cinco de Mayo, but few know what they ...

Even though the French would eventually defeat the Mexican Army and ... The Battle of Puebla may have also had an inadvertent impact on the ... So it's possible that Mexico's victory at the Battle of Puebla changed the ... One survey found that only 10% of Americans could describe the holiday's origins.

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Trotsky's Last Year

Force not only conquers but, in its own way, it convinces. ... of crucial importance were abandoned without a fight, how defence plans were handed ... the Bolshevik Party in time and enabled the party to lead the revolution to victory. ... While en route to the hospital in Mexico City, Trotsky lost consciousness.

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