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Sally live updates: Catastrophic flooding unfolding as tropical storm lumbers inland

A tornado watch is in effect until 7 p.m. for Southern Alabama, the Florida ... The storm also took out at least three boats that you can see pieces of ... states, the highest known total from a tropical system on record. ... its strong wind field generated a damaging surge that swept ashore east of the center.

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Reviewing the quantum anomalous Hall effect

A collaboration across three FLEET nodes has reviewed the fundamental theories ... The quantum Hall effect is observed in 2-D systems at low ...

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Review: We do not recommend the $299 Oculus Quest 2 as your next VR system

[Update, 3:30 p.m. ET: Since this article went live, we've seen infrared ... into your field of viewit's not much, but with VR immersion, every bit of light leak counts. ... Oculus Quest 2 tries to split the difference with an adjustment system ... to Space Pirate Trainer to Rez Infinite to Tetris Effect, and back again, ...

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What is Florida's Amendment 3, the All Voters Vote in Primary ...

Florida's closed primary system can shut out the 3.6 million Florida voters not ... process for narrowing the field of candidates for these offices in the ... Several groups have run an analysis on the impact of Amendment 3 on ...

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What Is Florida's Amendment 3, Also Known As The 'Jungle ...

Amendment 3: All Voters Vote in Primary Elections for State Legislature, ... different process for narrowing the field of candidates for these offices in the ... of California has studied the effect of the top-two system in California.

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Key Oregon agricultural sectors navigate fire, smoke uncertainties

She said hop harvest was two-thirds to three-quarters completed as of ... fields are for extract, where the smoke effect would be less of a factor.

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The superconducting quasicharge qubit

Evidence for such an effect has been found in out-of-equilibrium direct-current transport ... and the Josephson energy corresponds to a periodic crystal field (Fig. 1c). ... Constructing blochnium amounts to choosing three elementary energy ... Bulgadaev, S. A. Phase diagram of a dissipative quantum system.

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The Hall effect links superconductivity and quantum criticality in a strange metal

Scaling phenomena are typically observed just before a system ... which is managed by the NSF-funded National High Magnetic Field Lab (NHMFL). ... a factor of three or more. which means that the strange metal Hall effect is ...

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Keeping it Simple: How CropLife America Is Sending a Clear Message for the Pesticide Industry

But the direct impact and halo effect of the global pandemic has been a true out of left field experience, and ... The strategic plan, developed last summer and fall, featured three overarching ... One element that came out of the focus groups was an intense lack of trust in the regulatory system, says Novak.

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Interim Data Reported for AbCellera-Discovered COVID-19 Antibody in Phase 2 Clinical Trials

Interim data suggests that LY-CoV555 has a direct antiviral effect and may ... of developing field-ready medical countermeasures within 60 days of isolation of an ... Lilly scientists rapidly developed the antibody in less than three ... and analyzes natural immune systems to find antibodies that can be used to ...

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