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Will voters keep feeding the Constitution?

Just prior to the last statewide election cycle, chatter around the Capitol was heavy about the value of another constitutional convention. The ...

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America magazine: Donald Trump is a unique threat to the ...

The Constitution itself is inspired by a theological worldview. ... of Donald J. Trump has undermined the constitutional order to a degree ...

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The Flawed Genius of the Constitution

These words carried into the Constitution a compromise first formulated in 1783 in a proposed amendment to the Articles of Confederation. That compromise was ...

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Chiles Largest Indigenous Group Sees Opportunity in a New Constitution

But if the country does vote to draft a new Constitution a process that ... aside seats for Indigenous people in the Constitutional assembly.

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LETTER: Amend the Constitution ... once more | Eden Prairie

When our Constitution was ratified, it outlined inalienable rights to be granted to every American. The First Amendment protects the right of ...

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The full story of our Constitution (opinion)

In early September, students whose parents pay large sums of tuition at Vanderbilt University took a quiz with this question: Was the Constitution ...

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A more perfect Union | Guest Column | laramieboomerang.com

Congress is unlikely to propose Constitutional amendments to curtail its powers. Article 5 of the Constitution provides the only remedy for the ...

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Never before have we had to defend the Constitution like we have to today

Sept. 17 is Constitution Day and commemorates its signing in 1787. It's a perfect time to share with young people why the Constitution is so ...

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In Atlantic Profile, Alex Vindman Claims To Love The ...

Subverting Elections Is Anti-Constitution. The United States of America elected Donald Trump in 2016, but the left and entrenched bureaucrats in ...

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An open discussion about our constitution and what it means today.

Professor Will Harris knows a thing or two about the U.S. Constitution. He's been teaching classes at the collegiate level on the subject for ...

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