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Liverpool, site of last surrender in US Civil War, grapples with ...

At the foot of both sits the iron cross of the Confederate States of America. ... Virginia and Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy,' Westgaph told CNN.

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Myron B. Pitts: Confederate flag on I-95 disappears but for how long?

A giant Confederate battle flag that flew in a privately owned field north ... became the Confederate States of America's last official capital city, ...

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Mississippi's flag is changing but Confederate symbols persist in 5 other state flags

It never represented the Confederate States of America in any official capacity. The Confederate battle flag was added to the Mississippi state flag ... The state capital Montgomery, Ala., was the first capital of the Confederacy.

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Lawsuit filed against county for monument removal Henry ...

... of this state, the United States of America or the several states thereof, or the Confederate States of America or the several states thereof..

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Fort Smith could permanently remove Confederate States of America flag from Riverfront Park

Jeff Dingman, the Deputy City Administrator, said the city's usual flag supplier does not make the Confederate States of America flag anymore.

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Fantasy-horror film Antebellum is both undercooked and awkwardly overstated

In 2004, writer-director Kevin Willmott made C.S.A.: Confederate States of America, a queasily prescient satire in which the South had won the ...

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Southeast prof says Eisenhower memorial in Washington ...

Pam Parry, professor of mass media at Southeast Missouri State ... as Cape Girardeau's Confederate States of America memorial are being taken ... Eisenhower, she noted, desegregated the nation's capital, building on the ...

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Abilene ISD trustees require process, timeline before changing 4 school names

... School District trustees vote Monday to change the names of four elementary schools named after Confederate States of America leaders?

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San Angelo NAACP to Whites: 'Take Your Sheets Off!'

But during the war, he was the Confederate States of America's ... He was also a co-founder of the Texas State Historical Association. A current ...

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Sep 10 Protests continue following Lee student's petition to ...

The inscription on the north side of the Confederate monument reads, ... Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America..

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