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'A humble soldier': Family, friends pay tribute to Apple Valley's 'Uncle Bob'

... participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis was fondly remembered. ... The reality of war hit home when I handed one GI a ballpoint pen so ...

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Bidens first test could be the tensest U.S. moment since the Cuban missile crisis

... provide the most perilous U.S. moment since the Cuban missile crisis of ... The one China policy the diplomatic fiction that the Republic of ...

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The truth, please | Opinion

When one writes for public consumption, it is expected that such person ... Hence, the Cuban Missile Crisis, when we were on the brink of ...

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Its Now A Tradition Thing

The Cuban Missile Crisis seems to have been a catalyst for a nationwide ... maintains one aspect of the safety precautions associated with the coronavirus. ... Safety is the result we want from the 2020 Neosho Fall Festival, ...

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Wellesley Council on Aging programs

I then show how one man was mainly responsible for causing the Cold ... War, Maoism in China, the Berlin Wall, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Editorial: Collector Fenn took thousands of us along on thrill-seeking ride

He flew missions during the Cuban Missile Crisis and piloted 328 ... A decade later, while only one found it, thousands of other serious and ...

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US budget deficit the year you were born

Considered one of the worst natural disasters for the United States, the Mississippi River ... the United States and Soviet Union, dubbed the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Boxes of survival rations dating to Cold War era discovered in Aurora schools basement

... shelter program in place and made Bardwell one of those locations. ... these bomb shelters being built in light of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Think you know JFK? This biography will open your eyes

One of the ways Logevall gets away from all this noise is by dividing his ... the Kennedy presidency the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, ...

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Local books: Autobiography, Southeast coach profile should resonate with area readers

One of them is David Klement, who spent 30 years as the Bradenton ... the Cuban Missile Crisis, his days with a Pulitzer Prize-winning staff at ...

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