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Tintignac, Where the Gauls' Favor of the Gods Couldn't Last ...

Vercingetorix, statue of a famous Gaul warrior who defied the Roman emperor Julius Caesar in Alesia ( MAMODA / Adobe Stock). Between 58 ...

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Cleopatra, Julius Caesar And Mark Antony: Her Love Affairs Explored

Rome, the latest superpower, was rapidly extending a foothold across the known world under three formidable generals: Julius Caesar, ...

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10 Fascinating Facts About Cleopatra, the Powerful Queen of ...

Famous for her beauty and intellect, the Egyptian queen had a short but ... Cleopatra and Julius Caesar were lovers for two years, during which ...

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New mural in Bedford reveals little-known story of the Underground Railroad

His name is Julius Caesar Tibbs, and his story is far lesser known. 'He was found by the Burns family [of Bedford], who helped him get ...

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The Secret Lives of Words column: Biden/Trump elected co-presidents

... for a time and, after Julius Caesar's rise to power, went into seclusion to write some of his most famous political and philosophical treatises.

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Shakespeare Book Club to meet online, in person

April 5, The conspirators from Julius Caesar. May 3, That famous couple from Macbeth. June 7, Duke Frederick from As You Like It, which ...

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You can get paid $2,020 to binge-watch documentaries ahead of the 2020 election

Robert Kennedy, Kim Jung Un, Henry VII, Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler are among the subjects in the ...

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'Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump': Julius Caesar to Mao Zedong, 5 famous malignant narcissists in histor

... of Donald Trump': Julius Caesar to Mao Zedong, 5 famous malignant ... Fromm recognized a pathology of narcissism known as 'malignant ...

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The Fault, Dear Investor, Is Not In Your Investments, But In You

... class that has been known to build wealth over long periods of time. ... was talking to his friend, Brutus, in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar -.

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Progress made against racism at Asolo Rep and Conservatory in Sarasota

In April, the students will perform Julius Caesar outdoors at Selby Gardens. We hope that starts new steps toward all people of color seeing ...

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