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Israel's Deals With the UAE and Bahrain Prove That Palestinian Statehood Isn't a Barrier to Normalization

Jordan conquered the West Bank in the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli war and ... a so-called land swap from pre-1967 Israel equal to another 5 percent, ...

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Gazans fire rockets into Israel during UAE, Bahrain accords ...

TEL AVIV, Israel Two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into ... Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, before they were burned. ... the foundation of Israel in 1948 and compensating them for their lost ... Palestinian factions had called for demonstrations on Tuesday outside U.S., Israeli, UAE and ...

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Iran Dismisses Israel-UAE-Bahrain Deal as 'Strategic Mistake' as Hezbollah Calls for 'Military Resistance'

He called for an armed response. ... The modern state of Israel was formally established in 1948 on lands that had been inhabited by the ...

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Bahrain Will Normalize Relations With Israel, in Deal Brokered by Trump

But, he noted, Saudi Arabia participated in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war and has a long ... On Friday, Mr. Kushner called the Bahrain agreement a historic ... of an independent Palestinian state before normalizing with Israel is ...

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Normalization between some Arab governments and 'Israel ...

... 'Israel' since the Palestinians' catastrophe (Nakba) in 1948 when the 'Israeli' ... The article endorsed the negative 'Israeli' character portrayed by the ... policy towards Arabs prevents any type of so-called normalization. ... Archaeologists to save relics before Iron Age cemetery submerged in dam waters ...

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Bahrain follows UAE, inks peace deal with Israel: How Middle East countries reacted - Republic World

The Jewish state of Israel was formed in 1948, and since then the ... Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed development and called it a ... before the 1967 Middle East war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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Palestinian refugee agency warns of instability amid crisis

... their homes during the war surrounding Israel's establishment in 1948. ... Aoun called for the return of Palestinians who fled to Lebanon in ...

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First direct Israel-UAE flight lands in Abu Dhabi amid deal

... plane named for Kiryat Gat, a southern Israeli city built near the ruins of what were once Arab villages before the 1948 establishment of Israel.

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Nas Daily: BDS movement calls for boycott of influencer's new ...

... movement has called for a boycott of Palestinian-Israeli blogger Nas ... In a one-minute explanation of the creation of Israel in 1948, he said: ...

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Palestinians Regroup, Tell Arab World Not to Deal with Israel Before Peace

Palestinians Regroup, Tell Arab World Not to Deal with Israel Before Peace ... Assembly resolution adopted toward the end of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. ... praised the UAE-Israel deal and called for Palestinians to embrace it.

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