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How much privilege do you possess?

The Supreme Court's 1857 decision in the Dred Scott case would have had no impact on me as a white American, had I been living at that time.

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York NAACP invites Rep. Scott Perry to learn about and dismantle systemic racism (opinion)

In 1857, Dred Scott held enslaved people were not American citizens and had no equal rights. This decision contributed to the 1861-1865 Civil ...

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A Maryland suburb known for a slaveholding past confronts its racist present

... author of the Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery and said Black people could not be U.S. citizens, stood from 1887 until ...

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The 5 Q's: Understanding Constitution Day with Nicole Foster ...

The compromise ultimately contributed to a constitutional debate and the Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision, which pitted the property rights ...

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Judicial Supremacy: Not So Bad Reason.com

Lincoln put it well in responding to the Court's disastrous ruling in the Dred Scott case (1857), in which the Court held that the Constitution did ...

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Tre'Von McCowin offers another perspective on the issue of ...

... parts of American history in the 1800s: establishment of federally sanctioned slave code, the Fugitive Slave Act, and the Dred Scott decision.

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Teaching African American History in Virginia

Dred Scott v. Sandford is widely regarded as the worst U.S. Supreme Court decision in U.S. history. That being the case, I read in complete ...

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Supreme Court ruling shows why NC must end its racist death ...

Supreme Court ruling shows why NC must end its racist death penalty ... that outcome in part by seeking to exclude Black persons from serving on juries. ... Law Professor Anthony G. Amsterdam, as the Dred Scott decision of ...

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In St. Louis, Dred Scotts great-great-granddaughter honors his legacy

In St. Louis, Dred Scott's great-great-granddaughter honors his legacy ... years ago had everything to do with her decision to run for the office.

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Eric Foner Worst President in History: Impeaching Andrew ...

... its proceedings lacking witnesses, its outcome predetermined. ... overturning the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision of 1857 which had ...

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