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Exhibit Of Morton Statue From U.S. Capitol To Include His ...

J. Sterling Morton etched his part in history at a time when America's very ... Morton supported the Crittenden Compromise, hoping to avoid the ...

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The American Civil War: Question of Border States' Loyalty

Kentucky was a state that worked hard to achieve a compromise between the ... Clay and Crittenden represented the compromising spirit of the State of ... by choosing to remain in the Union, an official part of the United States, ...

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Senate votes down Crittenden Compromise, Jan. 16, 1861 ...

On this day in 1861, the Senate voted down the Crittenden Compromise, a last-ditch effort to preserve the Union and avoid a civil war.

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Contract Dispute Could Disrupt Cave-In-Rock Ferry Service ...

91 in Crittenden County, Ky., with Ill. 1 in Hardin County, Ill. It ... Kentucky transportation officials initially agreed to a compromise that would ... for its part, brokered in part by Crittenden County Judge Executive Perry Newcom.

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Could Compromise Have Prevented the Civil War?

And was their compromise justifiable? Southern states would not have ratified an abolitionist Constitution. Nor did Northernersincluding those ...

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Last Chance for Compromise

But though the proposal failedand in part because it failedit offers a ... In this respect, Crittenden's compromisehowever reasonable it ...

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How Lincoln Undid the Union

John J. Crittenden of Kentucky proposed a plan to preserve the Union through a ... In other words, at the precise moment that a compromise to rescue the ... thanks in large part to Lincoln's goading, all five Republicans on the ...

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New committee has goal to remedy lack of Black-owned businesses, employees in NuLu

Protest organizer Phelix Crittenden said the effort is a small step forward, but a good one. I'm proud, you know, a lot of people were questioning ...

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John Kelly, the Civil War and the compromise that almost was

The Crittenden Compromise would run that line all the way to the Pacific. ... and rumors of horrors, will hover over every portion of the South.'.

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Bid to add dicamba-use days rejected

... a Crittenden County farmer who asked for an extension through June ... sort of compromise for farmers who plant dicamba-tolerant soybeans ...

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