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Hit by an Uninsured Motorist? What You Should Know

Should you hire a car accident attorney following an accident with an uninsured motorist What should you do after your accident Unfortunately, ...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Better Care of Your Car

If your provider doesnt do that, compare car insurance rates and companies to find one that hits your budget and provides the coverage and ...

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Motor insurance: Taking steps to prevent and minimise loss

They take the help of experts to carry out risk assessment wherever required ... with hits crossing the one-crore mark in FY20 helping in substantial ... of the car captured through a GPS-enabled device fitted inside your car.

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Spreading Wildfires in California Have Killed 4

Id rather sleep in my car than end up in a hospital bed. ... Others made desperate pleas to family members and friends to take ... The fire crews, along with other California prisoners, have been hard hit by the coronavirus, ...

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Heres what you need to do before, during and after a hurricane

Heres what you should do before the storm hits, when it hits and after it ... but it only takes six to 12 inches to take you down or flood your car.

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How to watch a new movie in theaters this weekend

But if youre determined, and creative, you can take in a movie the way youre meant to. ... So hop on a train or in your car. ... drive-ins, which have thrived this summer playing mostly classic hits, are scoring new titles, too.

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Two men facing charges after hit and run turned into road rage, innocent drivers hit during incident on I-71

Police say the driver, whose car was hit, started chasing after the car that hit him. The two ended up on I-71 North where they repeatedly ...

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What to Do if Youre Hit by an Uninsured Motorist

If you have a liability-only policy on your vehicle, you probably do not have collision insurance, which provides compensation for damages to your ...

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When a tree hits your home or car, who is responsible?

But if you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, your auto ... Look for someone with a license from the Department of ... It is important to make sure that the company is qualified to do tree work and fully ...

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Person taken to hospital after two cars collide before one hits railway bridge in Leicester

One person was taken to hospital after two cars collided before one careered off into a railway bridge on a city centre road. The person was ...

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Juice WRLDs Legends Never Die &. The 27 Other Albums ...

But when artists catch fire, they can run off a string of hits in rapid fashion. ... 1 (one week). Where Do Broken Hearts Go, No. ... Sublime With Rome performs at the Concerts In Your Car series at Ventura County Fairgrounds ...

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2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport long-term review: Beach ...

Given our car was on 20-inch wheels, which are not the most ideal ... Doing everything in my power to not subdue momentum was the name of the game. ... Its always best to attempt to do such things with someone else around. ... Our Sport has been reliable but when it hits 200,000km an Everest will be ...

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Three-Time Indianapolis 500 Champion Helio Castroneves ...

You have to hit your marks every time. And thats what I did. ... I could trust the car and knew what I needed to do. And I was able to make those ...

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Death Valley hits 129.9 degrees, attracting heat seekers

It can be really tempting to just jump in your car and go to enjoy Death ... Visitors, she said, especially if traveling alone, need to tell someone ... They should know how to change a tire and do routine vehicle maintenance.

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Manhunt after 60-year-old woman shot in car in Parkwood

Police said they were standing on a corner when four unknown suspects opened fire. Cases of murder and attempted murder were being ...

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1 Dead When Tree Falls On Car As Tropical Storm Isaias Hits New York City

According to police, a person died when a tree fell on a car at 143rd Street ... I feel like if someone was walking by, they would have been killed ...

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Storm Ellen traffic and travel updates as extreme weather hits Cornwall and Devon

A crash has been reported as extreme weather hits Cornwall and Devon ... urge people to take extra care when out and about at the moment. ... Reduce your speed and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front.

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