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CityWatch: The best and worst SC political ads of 2020

Instead, you had to pick a side, period. ... The responsible party is The Lincoln Project, a group of establishment Republicans ... clearly: The group's use of the name and image of Abraham Lincoln at the close of an ad like that ...

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Letter to the editor

Many people still don't know which party to vote for -- Democrat or Republican. ... Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. The 13th ...

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Letter to the editor: Abraham Lincoln would be a Democrat today

There's no erasing that bit of history, but today the tables have turned and the Democratic Party stands squarely on the side of racial equality.

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Yes, Republicans freed the slaves. They were NOT these Republicans.

(CNN) Republicans tried to claim their political ancestors at the Republican ... casting back to Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, to argue ... a party of Northerners and Democrats were, generally, the party of the South. ... But he missed the second part, about the fight over civil rights in the '60s ...

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Full Transcript: President Trumps Republican National Convention Speech

The Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, goes forward united, determined ... At the Democrat National Convention, Joe Biden and his party repeatedly ... He has spent his entire career on the wrong side of history.

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OP-ED: Knox County Democratic and Republican Party ...

Those powerful words were spoken by our most revered president, Abraham Lincoln, ... Lincoln was imploring the nation's citizens to take the path of civility and not ... Kroger, and WalMart, we walk our dogs side-by-side at Wolf Run, we ... The two political party leaders agree that the best way to advocate ...

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MY WORD: Let's vote for democracy, not for party

One political party says one thing about the other's candidates or issues, ... George Washington, Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Martin ...

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Remembering the Great Political Art of Siah Armajani

It was rumored he'd even spoken with Abraham Lincoln of the poets. Emerson's thinking inflected Armajani's views on the role of culture in ...

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Trump's ABC town hall: President faces tough questions on coronavirus response, health care, racial injustice

'Wherever you have a Democrat city -- not in all cases -- but if you look ... except for possibly Abraham Lincoln when he's wearing the hat, right?

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Trumps 12 more years shout shows what he has in common with autocrats

The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan has done this to itself. Formally. The day before the ...

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