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Editorial: Felons whove served their prison time should be able to vote after release

Regardless of what they find concerning proper exercise of authority by the General Assembly which wrote the law in the first place the ...

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Pollworker Wants Felons To Know They Have The Right To ...

You know, okay, this is what you can do to vote. Rick Ganley: It always seems like good advice to when it comes to a voting question: call your ...

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Second Chance Dads connects convicted felons with jobs, breaks generational cycle of crime

A felony conviction can lead to a few years behind bars, and often years of unemployment after. A lot of places werent hiring felons, said ...

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Gov. Reynolds signs executive order restoring felon voting rights

He will get to vote for the first time this November in 22 years. Im super excited to vote. Eric Harris, a 41-year-old dad in Iowa City, has two non- ...

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COVID-19 Presents New Re-Entry Barriers for Former Inmates

Advocates say some returning citizens will find the help simply isnt there. ... has been convicted of a felony is a staple on most job applications.

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The Latest: 174 New Cases. Court Says Some Felony ...

The Hawaii Supreme Court is allowing cerain felony defendants to seek ... In the latest case, the worker was last on the job on Thursday and was tested Friday. ... It could have an adverse impact on the count, Lewis said.

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John Catanzara: Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx is soft on ...

As the Chicago Tribune reported Monday, Foxx is dropping felony cases involving ... But Foxx wants to keep her job, so is now trying frantically to portray herself as ... But, pointing fingers of blame will not make us any safer. ...

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Nonprofit helps felons in Florida register to vote - Business Insider

Former convicts in Florida more than 1 million people will be allowed ... and often face discrimination in the housing and job markets after theyve ... in Florida who have been convicted of felonies will be allowed to vote.

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Minnesota law firms changing pro bono work after George ...

The firm also is corralling legal pros to get old felony records ... We recognize that as professionals, we are in positions of privilege, and with ...

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Virginia to consider reducing penalty for assaulting police

Lawmakers will also consider bills to ban the use of police ... change the law so the charge can only be brought as a felony if an officer has a visible physical injury. ... It is a charge that tends to arise whenever officers get into a tussle with ... She said she lost her job as a nurses aide because of her arrest.

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