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Prepac Manufacturing to bring 201 jobs to Guilford County

Prepac Manufacturing, Ltd. will expand in Guilford County bringing more than 200 jobs. The company plans to build at Rock Creek Park.

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US Manufacturing Jobs Arent Gone Theyre Evolving

Some estimates say 2.4 million U.S. manufacturing jobs will go unfilled by 2028, due to lacking technical expertise.

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Manufacturer hosts drive-through job fair in Orange Co.

(WVIR) - A manufacturing company in Orange County that is looking to expand its business hosted a drive-through job fair Tuesday, August 18.

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Fact-checking Mike Pences claim that Trump has added thousands of manufacturing jobs in Pa.

Manufacturing in Pennsylvania. Vice President Mike Pence claimed that the Trump administration added 16,000 manufacturing jobs in ...

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400-plus jobs available at Culpeper job fair Thursday

A wide variety of job opportunities are available, from warehouse positions in manufacturing, to machine operators and professional jobs such ...

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Coal country envisions paths forward in manufacturing ...

Tourism creates seasonal jobs and economic activity, not just among outfitters and guide services but in restaurant, lodging and other service ...

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Lost Manufacturing Jobs May Never Come Back

Even as industrial companies show signs of being in the early stages of recovery, they are stepping up cost controls and job cuts. By.

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Can 500,000 new-collar jobs turn manufacturing around in Australia?

Australian manufacturing jobs were down 6.7 per cent over the last five years, and the sector only contributes 5.6 per cent to GDP despite some ...

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Butler County auto parts manufacturer growing, adding 80 jobs

A Monroe company is looking to hire 80 employees to bring job-seeking Americans back to work, according to an official. UGN, Inc., an ...

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Its no use shouting back to work when Britains industries are in a jobs meltdown

The old Tory exhortation wont get manufacturing back on its feet if theres no investment in jobs we need for the future. Contact author.

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